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YWiB's Storyline


In 2008, a few students at the University of British Columbia's

Sauder School of Business had been attending conference and events and noticed a gap: few women were highlighted or featured at key speakers and there was nothing addressing the unique needs and interests of young women in the workplace.

An idea began to develop and very quickly grew into the vision of a network and conference for young women in business. This idea was to create an active community that would allow these like-minded women to build long-term social and professional connections; a network based on passion, growth, and inspiration.

Three months of endless meetings and coffee resulted in the first launch event of Young Women in Business' Beyond Pink Leadership Conference - featuring inspirational speakers, workshops and events all featuring women.

The overwhelming success of this conference made it abundantly clear that other young women were looking to connect with one another and access female leaders in the business community.

YWiB continues spreading this same aspiration today. With each year we grow, we are proud to support even more young women to achieve success on their own terms.

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