Meet Your Execs

Meet Your Execs

YWiB Team

Meet the lovely ladies of the YWiB 2015/2016 team! These are the bright young faces behind the scenes, bringing to you engaging and empowering opportunities through the events they put together.

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14 September

Mentorship Monday: Samantha

        Mentor Industry: Finance   What are the top three traits of your mentor? Inspirational, ambitious, willing to learn   Talk about a specific time that your…

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21 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 7 – Shelby, Neysa, Angela, Aldora

         Week 7 marks the conclusion of our YWiB Member Spotlight Series! Although we had to finish one week early due to certain circumstances, we are happy…

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14 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 6 – Felicia, Susanna, Jenny

         Week 6 of our Member Spotlight Series has arrived! This week we (try to) move yet another year level up, and although Jenny isn’t in third year,…

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07 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 5 – Kelly, Reanna, Sherry

         And we’re back with week 5 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we move one year level up, and bring to you  Kelly, Reanna, and Sherry,…

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28 February

[Member Spotlight] Week 4 – Cherry, Joanna, Michelle

         We’ve hit week 4 of our Member Spotlight Series, which is also the one month mark! It’s truly been amazing learning about all the amazing members we…

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21 February

[Member Spotlight] Week 3 – Jane, Lisa, Yukiko

         And we are back with week 3 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we bring to you Jane, Lisa, and Yukiko, three wonderful ladies from all different backgrounds that truly showcase…

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What Is YWiB UBC?

YWiB UBC strives to inspire and connect ambitious young women to achieve their fullest personal and professional potential. By facilitating networking opportunities and basing our network on growth and mentorship, we provide engaging events to equip members with valuable career skill sets and a strong sense of social awareness.


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