Meet Your Execs

Meet Your Execs

YWiB Team

Meet the lovely ladies of the YWiB 2015/2016 team! These are the bright young faces behind the scenes, bringing to you engaging and empowering opportunities through the events they put together.

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14 September

Mentorship Monday: Samantha

        Mentor Industry: Finance   What are…

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21 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 7 – Shelby, Neysa, Angela, Aldora

         Week 7 marks the conclusion of…

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14 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 6 – Felicia, Susanna, Jenny

         Week 6 of our Member Spotlight…

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07 March

[Member Spotlight] Week 5 – Kelly, Reanna, Sherry

         And we’re back with week 5…

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28 February

[Member Spotlight] Week 4 – Cherry, Joanna, Michelle

         We’ve hit week 4 of our Member…

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21 February

[Member Spotlight] Week 3 – Jane, Lisa, Yukiko

         And we are back with week 3 of our…

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