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BLOSSOM Mentorship Program 

BLOSSOM is a mentorship program established in 2014 as a unique part of YWiB UBC. This extensive 6-month program connects UBC students with successful and highly regarded business professionals from various backgrounds. It creates an interactive learning environment for UBC's future female leaders whilst putting emphasis on facilitated growth and relationship building with UBC and the professional community.

What differentiates BLOSSOM from the other mentorship programs on campus? BLOSSOM is strictly female-orientated, catering to existing and emerging female working professionals; it welcomes students of all ages from all different faculties across the UBC campus; it welcomes Mentors from all different backgrounds with at least two years of professional experience; it operates with a professional yet very friendly and personable culture; BLOSSOM actively communicates with and engages in Mentees over the period of the program, effectively creating a cohesive and supportive learning community.

Program Values

VALUES: Inclusion, Learning, Collaboration and Support, Community, Proactivity

  • BLOSSOM aims to create an environment for open communication where Mentees and Mentors can interact, engage in and learn from each other, and ultimately blossom in knowledge and insight to achieve their full potentials.
  • BLOSSOM strives to improve communication, proactivity, and other relevant skillsets of BLOSSOM Mentees through offering attentive support over the duration of the program, engaging with Mentees in personal growth and networking workshops, and by planting the seed for a genuine professional relationship with a BLOSSOM Mentor.
  • BLOSSOM constructs a diverse network of existing and emerging female professionals and leaders by connecting BLOSSOM mentees with esteemed industry experts from a broad range of backgrounds.
  • BLOSSOM presents an opportunity for professionals to give back to and be involved in the UBC community.

Structure of BLOSSOM 2015/2016

Over the period of six months, from mid-October to early April, BLOSSOM will have three events that are mandatory for participants. These evening events will foster relationship building between pairs and act as networking sessions in which Mentors and Mentees will be free to engage with other participants aside from their designated partner. Once per semester, pairs will be required to meet with each other outside of the mandatory occasions.

Application Process for Mentees

1.     Review the Information Package and ensure you can commit: Information Package for Mentees.

2.     Fill in the Mentee Application Form here send your resume to and CC You have until Saturday, October 3rd @ 11:59PM to apply.

3.     Successful applicants that pass the first screening will be selected for short interviews in early October.

4.     By mid-October, new Mentees will be welcomed!

for Mentees


As students, we consider many different paths throughout our university careers. During this decision-making process, the amount of information we have and the people we meet make a significant difference and have the capacity to potentially change our lives. Take a step further this year and join YWiB UBC’s BLOSSOM Mentorship Program as a mentee to hear and learn from successful business professionals who have been in your shoes! Our mentors offer first-hand exposure to your field of interest and will provide you with new insights and growth experiences, opening up the door to amazing and life-lasting connections. BLOSSOM is a great chance to test your proactivity and communication abilities, an opportunity to increase your network with both students and professionals, and it possesses the potential to inspire, teach, and encourage you to become a more powerful woman.


Proactive and keen YWiB UBC members who are able to make and stick to personal commitments, who enjoy meeting new people, who are curious about a professional field, and would like to explore it at a deeper level! An ideal candidate would want to connect with business professionals to gain life applicable insights, be open to new ideas and developing new skills, and be an individual quick to adapt. We are intent on mentees who have done their research ahead of time. This year, mentees don't have to be a YWiB mentor to apply; however, you must be willing to upgrade to full membership if accepted into the program.


Mentees are expected to demonstrate professionalism, eagerness to learn, and commitment to the program and mentors. Mentees should have timely communication and proactive attitudes to set up individual meetings with their mentor at least once per semester. All participants are required to attend the three mandatory events listed below:

  1. October 29th: Mentor-Mentee Meet & Greet
  2. January 14th: Mid-Point Check In Event
  3. March 17th: Wrap-up Mix & Mingle

*dates are set with all events scheduled for Thursday nights at UBC Campus.


for Mentors


Your vast experiences and advice have the potential to change young lives and shape the future. The value you create for students not only offers them tangible skillsets today, but attitudes and knowledge that they will carry forward with them into their own professional careers. Mentoring gives you the opportunity to strengthen your leadership, coaching, and management abilities whilst contributing to the community. Becoming a mentor with BLOSSOM will also enable you to create connections with other mentors in the program in addition to gaining insight into the challenges and situations students currently face.


  • Female business professionals interested in giving back to the UBC community.
  • Passionate leaders who are able to share their experiences and are able to teach, encourage, support, and challenge mentees to help them grow personally and professionally.


Mentors are expected to provide support, guidance, insight and networking opportunities for their mentees. Mentors should communicate a willingness to help and be available to meet their mentees in person (ex. coffee chat) once per semester. In addition, mentors should expect to attend, to the best of their ability, two events of the three throughout the duration of the program:

  • October 29th: Mentor-Mentee Meet & Greet
  • January 14th: Mid-Point Check In Event
  • March 17th: Wrap-up Mix & Mingle

*dates are set with all events scheduled for Thursday nights at UBC Campus.

Please also review the Information Package and ensure that you can commit: Information Package for Mentors

Contact Us 

Mentor applications are now closed. If you are interested in participating as a Mentor next year or have any questions, please contact Melissa Wu at:

If you are interested in participating as a Mentee or have any questions, please contact Jenny Wang at and CC


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