Our Executive Team

Please feel free to contact any of us with questions, comments, thoughts or anything else.

Courtney Funk | Co-President | courtney@ywib.ca

Reanna Sidhu | Co-President | reanna@ywib.ca

Michelle You | Vice-President of Marketing | michelle@ywib.ca

Samantha Cheng | Brand Strategist | samantha@ywib.ca

Karina Kwok | Visual Media Director | karina@ywib.ca

Jamie Boyle | Marketing Director

Felicia Frederick | Vice-President of Finance and Administration | felicia@ywib.ca

Jessica Tse | Vice-President of Member Development | jessicat@ywib.ca

Naveen Dhaliwal | Member Development Director

Tiffany Leung | First Year Representative

Hannah Moug | Vice-President of Corporate Relations | hmoug@ywib.ca

Shiwangi Hamal | Vice-President of Corporate Relations | shamal@ywib.ca

Shirali Desai | Vice-President of Event Coordination | jphan@ywib.ca

Arunima Gupta | Vice-President of Event Coordination | agupta@ywib.ca

Maggie Vakof | Vice-President of Philanthropy | maggie@ywib.ca

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