Mentorship Monday: Samantha

Find out why the BLOSSOM Mentorship program was so valuable to UBC student, Samantha Chung.

...What do you most admire about your mentor?

The thing that I admire most about my mentor is her ability to be so involved and committed in every aspect of her life. Whether it is herself, work, family, friends, or the community, she makes time for everything that matters to her. It’s amazing that such a busy woman can have time for it all. If I can be half of what she is when I’m older, I think that would be...

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[Member Spotlight] Week 7 - Shelby, Neysa, Angela, Aldora

Week 7 marks the conclusion of our YWiB Member Spotlight Series! Although we had to finish one week early due to certain circumstances, we are happy to bring you not three but four amazing ladies in our last blog post. Thank you for all the support, and we hope you were just as happy and delightfully surprised as we were about some of the wonderful members YWiB is proud to have.

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[Member Spotlight] Week 6 - Felicia, Susanna, Jenny

Week 6 of our Member Spotlight Series has arrived! This week we (try to) move yet another year level up, and although Jenny isn't in third year, she ― along with the other week 6 ladies, Felicia and Susanna ― applied to join the YWiB 2015/2016 executive team next year! The votes are in but results have not yet been released so stay tuned to find out who will be your VPs for the next school year!

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[Member Spotlight] Week 5 - Kelly, Reanna, Sherry

And we're back with week 5 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we move one year level up, and bring to you  Kelly, Reanna, and Sherry, all second-year Sauder students who have pinpointed their passions and are working fervently in the direction of their career goals. YWiB has proven to be a gateway for them to engage and learn from others who help guide them in their path towards success!

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[Member Spotlight] Week 4 - Cherry, Joanna, Michelle

We've hit week 4 of our Member Spotlight Series, which is also the one month mark! It's truly been amazing learning about all the amazing members we have in our club. This week we bring to you Cherry, Joanna, and Michelle, three first-year Sauder students who, despite being overwhelmed by all the things university has to offer, have found one thing in common: YWiB.

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[Member Spotlight] Week 3 - Jane, Lisa, Yukiko

And we are back with week 3 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we bring to you Jane, Lisa, and Yukiko, three wonderful ladies from all different backgrounds that truly showcase the variety of YWiB and how it differentiates us from other business clubs!

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