YWiB UBC Chapter Elections Results

We are proud to announce our 2011/12 Executive Team Election Results, congratulations to all new executives! We are excited for another great year for YWiB UBC led by President-elect Faye Evangelista!

YWiB UBC 2011/12 Executive Team Elections Results April 2nd 2011

  • President: Faye Evangelista
  • Vice President: Crystal Chu
  • VP Corporate Relations: Sunny Pao
  • VP Mentor Relations: Jasmine Fung
  • VP Public Relations- External Media: Berkeley Loh
  • VP Event Coordination: Natasha Lallany
  • VP Member Development/Recruitment: Amanda Feng
  • VP Public Relations- Social Media: Tania Pardisi
  • VP Internal Affairs and Finance: Laura Brand
  • VP Philanthropy: Kirsten Cave