SSN Mentor Announcement! - Alycia Wong from Barre Fitness

Alycia Wong Studio Manager and Marketing Coordinator at Barre Fitness Yaletown

Barre Fitness is a boutique fitness studio in Vancouver, BC offering an efficient 1 hour total body workout that combines the best elements of ballet barre, pilates, sports conditioning and stretching, guaranteed to transform and sculpt your entire body. Barre based workouts have been toning and shaping celebrity bodies for over 50 years, and now Barre Fitness is the first studio of its kind in Canada.

Barre Fitness is dedicated to creating a culture of quality, fitness and fun for everyone! Creating happiness through pliƩ at a time!

Alycia is responsible for managing the day to day operations of the Yaletown studio, as well as coordinating and executing all social media and marketing activities. In addition to this, she plays an active role in business development, including the establishment of strategic partnerships and multi-locational expansion. As a recent Marketing graduate of the Sauder School of Business, Alycia is thrilled to be involved with the growth and success of such an exciting and inspiring fitness start-up.