SSN Mentor Announcement! - Sabrina Gawley from WestPark

Sabrina Gawley Business Development Manager at WestPark

Sabrina draws from a diverse and prolific background in property management, business consulting and corporate coaching. Prior to WestPark, Sabrina was responsible for client relations for one of North America’s largest investors, owners and managers of commercial real estate. In her role she gained an in-depth understanding of managing assets with a client first focus. Sabrina evaluates new opportunities by analyzing business requirements and has a strong belief that business relationships should be mutually beneficial in nature.

Sabrina’s commitment to self improvement remains very important as she strives to develop a more profound understanding of organizational goals and the study of diverse business functions. A University of British Columbia alumni, Sabrina continues her education and is currently a CAPM candidate. She also keeps current on new business ideas and strategies by being an avid follower of iconic organizations and their business leaders.

A former national rowing champion, Sabrina displays passion and dedication in everything she does and continues to pursue a variety of athletic endeavours including marathons, yoga and mountain hiking. Sabrina remains very active in the community and often donates her time to funding efforts for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.