{Getting our Workshop On} - Resume and Interview Skills

On Monday night, we invited our brand-new members to attend our very first workshop of the year, Resume and Interview Skills. We spent the evening learning about the do’s and don’ts of resumes, as well as how to leave a strong, lasting impression at interviews and networking events. We are so grateful for our wonderful host (and past YWiB UBC exec!) Pamela Trinh for coming and sharing her tips and stories with us. For more info on Pam, check out her twitter here or connect with her on LinkedIn here. Below is some of her most memorable advice from our Twitter feed - proving that 140 characters is more than enough to educate and impress ;) "Recruiters spend 30 seconds or less looking at your resume. Make your most important content visible on the first page."

"If you mimic your interviewer, they're more likely to like you. If they're being casual, let down your guard a little"

"Only 7% of your interview is based on words. Your body language, tone of voice and whether you're smiling makes a huge impact"

"Be specific with your resume content - 'Facilitated workshops' is not the same as 'facilitated weekly workshops on job search to groups of 10-30'"

When employers ask "what are your weaknesses", they want to see that you're reflective of yourself and can handle pressure"

"Employers DO check your references. Make sure yours are REAL and have good things to say"

"Giving a strong handshake, a smile and looking your hiring manager in the eye is critical to making a good first impression"

Your whole cover letter should be demonstrating why you fit this job. Match your skills to what they're looking for"

To view the rest of these tweets, take a look at our Twitter feed.

As always, we are grateful to our sponsors for helping us put on such high-calibre events. Special thanks to Starbucks for keeping us fuelled through the evening!