{YWiB UBC Exec Elections for 2014/2015}

It’s that time of the year again. YWiB UBC is looking for inspirational and passionate young leaders to join our 2014/2015 executive team! As part of the YWiB UBC Executive Team you will have an opportunity to expand your network, work with amazing female leaders across BC, and build your professional skill set. These positions are open to students from all faculties who are basic members.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to ubc@ywib.ca by March 11th at 11:59pm. Be sure to specify which position(s) you are running for. You may apply for up to TWO positions. Elections will be held in Henry Angus 235 on Thursday, March 13th from 5pm-6pm. Please come prepared to give a brief one-minute pitch about yourself, why you want to be a part of YWiB UBC, and what you will bring to the position(s). See position descriptions below:

VP Corporate Relations


-          Gain hands on experience dealing with corporate sponsors -          Build your network and establish connections with businesses

Are you a sweet talking sales person with a passion for establishing connections? VP Corporate Relations is responsible for managing our external contact database as well as actively seeking out, establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with businesses.

VP Member Development/Recruitment


-          Expand your network by working closely with mentors and professionals presenting at our events -          Get to know our members

Are you the ultimate people person with tons of ideas and vision? VP Member Development is responsible for overseeing YWiB UBC’s members and membership structure as well as designing monthly events to fit the needs of the membership base. Member Development also works closely with mentors and workshop presenters.

VP Marketing


-          Gain experience in utilizing different forms of social media for promotions -          Learn brand management

Are you a social butterfly with a passion for marketing? VP Marketing is responsible for innovatively promoting our monthly events as well as portraying the image of YWiB UBC in the media and on campus through maintaining the YWiB social media outlets, as well as promo campaigns including print pieces. Design skills are an asset.

VP Campus Relations


-           Gain experience in reaching out to various groups and organizations across campus -           Learn PR skills

Are you a master of maintaining good connections? VP Campus Relations Coordinator is responsible for making connections with various groups across campus including undergrad societies, clubs, Greeks, UBC Admin, etc. as well as creating a distributing a monthly newsletter to distribute among those groups and the mentors.

VP Internal Affairs and Finance


-          Gain experience in budgeting and financials -          Familiarize yourself with the financial opportunities available to non profit organizations

If you love crunching numbers and organization, this position is for you! VP Internal Affairs and Finance is responsible for keep track of finances, budgeting and seeking funding for YWiB UBC Programs.

VP Event Coordination


-          Gain experience in planning and executing a variety of different types of events -          Communicate your vision into our monthly events

If you enjoy working in an assortment of social settings and letting your creativity run wild, VP Event Coordination may be perfect for you! VP Event Coordination plans the logistics and details of all our monthly events, from venue to decorations and everything in between.

VP Philanthropy


-          Get involved with the community -          Engage with members of the YWiB, UBC and Vancouver community -          Establish connections with non profit organizations -          Gain event coordination skills

Are you a community minded person with a passion for getting involved? VP Philanthropy promotes community involvement and engagement to our members and plans philanthropic, or volunteer, activities for YWiB UBC members!