[Member Spotlight] Week 3 - Jane, Lisa, Yukiko

         And we are back with week 3 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we bring to you Jane, Lisa, and Yukiko, three wonderful ladies from all different backgrounds that truly showcase the variety of YWiB and how it differentiates us from other business clubs!


Jane Park

         A fifth year Commerce student, Jane has seen and experienced a lot more of what university has to offer her than some of our other members, and has taken the initiative to explore her opportunities while at UBC. Specifically within YWiB, she finds the club to be very supportive and looks forward to meeting more of our members and execs at future events.

If you could be any age for a week (assuming you'd turn back at the end), what age would you be? Why? 25, because at that point I will be a couple years into my career and working hard. It'll be a pivotal point in my life where I'm discovering myself and (most importantly) meeting a significant other!

An item on your bucket list? Travelling nonstop for the next 6 months.

What's your motto? Continuous experience - experience something new everyday and get out of your comfort zone.


Lisa Ly

         As a fourth year Science student, Lisa proactively sought out relevant clubs when she realized she had an interest in business and stumbled across YWiB in her search. Why did she choose us over other business clubs? Because of the variety in both our members and events and therefore the genuine connections and opportunities we have to offer! She wants to give a special shout-out to Joanna for being such a great buddy and is excited for future YWiB events!

What's one thing people don't know about you?Even though I am a science student, I hope one day I can integrate myself into the business industry and own my very own beauty or spa company. This is something that people don't know about me!

Proudest moment in your life?When I worked in 3 places in one summer simultaneously and earned a lot of money! It was intense since I had 3 jobs at once, but it was an awesome summer because I challenged myself and reached my goal of working in 3 places at once. I wanted to experience what it was like. I found out that nothing in this world can really explain the adrenaline and the emotions that comes with achieving a goal. It feels awesome!

Describe yourself in one word.Unique.


Yukiko Hoshino

         Yukiko is a first year DAP student who is both shy and enthusiastic, jumping into YWiB after hearing great things from a friend who is a member of YWiB SFU. She has enjoyed her YWiB stay thus far, appreciating our exec-buddy system and wants to give a special shout-out to Joanna for being an awesome buddy!

What's one thing people don't know about you? I love cooking Japanese food.

Proudest moment of your life? When my brother said he was proud of me. We often played the piano together and he always shared with me his knowledge of various fields (academic, game, entertainment, etc).

Describe yourself in one word. Squirrel.

Question of the Week

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