[Member Spotlight] Week 5 - Kelly, Reanna, Sherry

         And we're back with week 5 of our Member Spotlight Series! This week we move one year level up, and bring to you  Kelly, Reanna, and Sherry, all second-year Sauder students who have pinpointed their passions and are working fervently in the direction of their career goals. YWiB has proven to be a gateway for them to engage and learn from others who help guide them in their path towards success!


Kelly Yang

         As a second-year Commerce student, Kelly already has plenty of experience in marketing, customer service, and event planning, though her ultimate career goals and passions lie with sustainability and social entrepreneurship. She was pleasantly surprised by YWiB's buddy system and looks forward to future opportunities in terms of mentorship/internships that YWiB has to offer. One word she'd use to describe the YWiB UBC team? Committed!

If you could be any age for a week (assuming you'd turn back at the end), what age would you be? Why? 12 because there are no worries at that age and primary school is awesome!

An item on your bucket list? Travel anywhere that's new to me that has a different lifestyle.

What's your motto? Tough times don't last, tough people do.


Reanna Sidhu

       With extensive experience and love for working with children,  Reanna is a second-year Commerce transfer who has set her eyes on not only a Bachelor of Commerce degree, but one in education as well! She was quite surprised by the amount of workshops and opportunities that YWiB provides, especially loving our support system, so much so that she is considering joining our executive team next year (yay)! Her overall impression and experience with YWiB? Empowering!

If you could be any age for a week (assuming you'd turn back at the end), what age would you be? Why? I would be 12 because that's back in elementary grades where everything was so carefree. It was an innocent age with little worries; everyone is nice to each other. When you're older you start gaining a lot of stress from school and work.

An item on your bucket list? Skydiving (same as Joanna from week 4!)

What's your motto? Take any opportunity you're given because I don't want to miss out on life and want to broaden my experiences as much as I can.


Sherry Hu

         As a second year Commerce student, Sherry has set her sights on the financial industry but doesn't forget to give back to her community by volunteering her time to help others. "How can women successfully ascend the hierarchy in the business environment?" was the question that drove her to join YWiB, and so she looks forward to future events/workshops that will feature entrepreneurs, CEOs, and the like. A secret fact about Sherry? Chips are her guilty pleasure...but then again, they are for many others too!

What's your motto? One should focus on building their strengths instead of trying to cover their shortcomings. More often you will work in a team where each member has an indispensable skill, and so you want to be the expert in the area your teammates need you to be.

Proudest moment of your life? When I got into university...at the age of 15!

Describe yourself in one word. Goal-oriented.

Question of the Week

What is the most daring act you've ever done?