[Member Spotlight] Week 6 - Felicia, Susanna, Jenny

         Week 6 of our Member Spotlight Series has arrived! This week we (try to) move yet another year level up, and although Jenny isn't in third year, she ― along with the other week 6 ladies, Felicia and Susanna ― applied to join the YWiB 2015/2016 executive team next year! The votes are in but results have not yet been release so stay tuned to find out who will be your VPs for the next school year!


Felicia Frederick 

         Felicia is a third-year Commerce student who believes in empowering, promoting, and connecting women in the community so as to create a tightknit network across all areas. She loves how intimate YWiB events are, with a broad yet select group of women who hail from all faculties and backgrounds, giving her a chance to learn so much from each individual. Her impression of YWiB? Great!

If you could be any age for a week (assuming you'd turn back at the end), what age would you be? Why? 20 because it was a great year for me. I learned more about myself and who I wanted to be.

An item on your bucket list? I'm an aspiring world traveller so I want to go to every country in the world.

What's your motto? Never stop dreaming! 


Susanna Yao

       As someone who initially joined Sauder with no clear vision ahead of her, Susanna is now a third-year Commerce student who's chosen not one but TWO options! YWiB was instrumental in helping her figure out what she wanted, thus why she applied to become VP Events to give back to the club who provided so much guidance and networking opportunities for her. The adjective she chooses to describe YWiB is unusual, though if you take a few more seconds you can see why this word can most definitely be associated with us: brave :)

If you could be any age for a week (assuming you'd turn back at the end), what age would you be? Why? Don't want to be any age older because then I'll know the future and life is more interesting when you don't know what's coming. Want to go back to when I was 13/14 because at the time I was at boarding school so I did not spend enough time with my family. If I could be 13/14 again, I would definitely spend more time with them!

An item on your bucket list? Bungee jumping!

What's your motto? When you look backwards to all the dots before, you'll find that all the dots connect eventually.- Steve Jobs


Jenny Wang

         Although Jenny is only a second-year Commerce student, she is aiming to become YWiB's VP Member Development for 2015/2016! Her best experience with YWiB thus far has been our mentorship program, BLOSSOM, and the reason she is running for the VP Member Development position. She would love to keep connecting with more YWiB members, but wants to give a special shout-out to someone who she had lots of fun connecting with, our current VP Corporate Relations/next year's Co-President Becky Leong! How she finds YWiB? Inspiring!

What's your motto? "Birds sing after a storm, why shouldn't people feel free to delight whatever sunlight remains to them" - Rose Kennedy

What's one thing people don't know about you? I started working when I was 12 years old.

Describe yourself in one word. Ambivert

Question of the Week

What are the top 2 compliments you hear from people about yourself?