Mentorship Monday: Samantha


Mentor Industry: Finance

What are the top three traits of your mentor?

Inspirational, ambitious, willing to learn

Talk about a specific time that your mentor provided you with valuable guidance or advice.

This past spring, I was planning a pitch for social media for a children’s sport organization that I worked for. Although my mentor knew nothing about social media or the legislation behind children’s privacy, she spent a lot of time helping me research and providing me guidance in planning the whole thing. I was so pleasantly surprised by her commitment to our mentor-mentee relationship and her willingness to grow and learn with me.

What do you most admire about your mentor?

The thing that I admire most about my mentor is her ability to be so involved and committed in every aspect of her life. Whether it is herself, work, family, friends, or the community, she makes time for everything that matters to her. It’s amazing that such a busy woman can have time for it all. If I can be half of what she is when I’m older, I think that would be a great accomplishment.

What advice do you have for young women who are considering applying to Blossom?

Take advantage of everything it has to offer! You never know who you’ll meet, whether it be life-long friends in the other mentees or a life-long role model in your mentor. No matter what industry your mentor is in, you are guaranteed to learn something valuable from her. She’s been in your shoes, so be sure to ask for guidance or advice.