Spotlight Member: Julianne Nieh

Julianne Nieh

Meet Julianne! She's a second year student whoI can speak 4 languages (English, French, Korean, Mandarin) and is in the process of learning Cantonese & Japanese!

What excites you about being a part of YWiB:

It makes me so happy that there is a club dedicated towards the personal and professional development of young women with big goals in life. I'm a true believer of supporting others, and having a network like this makes that possible!

Favourite memory of YWiB:

My favourite memory with YWiB was when we went to Boston, Massachusetts to go to a business conference organized by the Harvard YWiB! It was definitely an amazing learning experience and meeting 900 young women around the world really inspired me to go big with my dreams.

Biggest take away from an event, mentorship or any YWiB UBC program you have been involved with.

I have truly gained so much from being in the Blossom Mentorship Program. I feel like I was perfectly matched with my mentor and I learned so much even after meeting her 3 times so far. I realized the immense value of mentorship and it makes me want to be a mentor in the future as well!