Spotlight Member: Kimberley Huang

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Kimberley Huang

Meet Kimberley! She's a second year student who enjoys eating grapefruit with salt.

What excites you about being a part of YWiB:

YWiB builds a loving and caring community for women, in which we share our best practices, support each other and share stories. Being a part of YWiB brings me a sense of belonging. I can forge lasting friendships and interact with people who have like-minded challenges and ambitions. Through my experiences of getting involved in different programs and events held by YWiB, I grow and learn as well as getting enriching relationships and experiences. Here we help each other and collectively help others, and that is one of the things I am really passionate about. I feel very fortunate that we have a welcoming environment and an existing women’s network at UBC. Every connection I make here becomes more authentic as I know that there is a strong common bond that holds all of us together.

Favourite memory of YWiB:

My favorite memory of YWiB is the second meeting “Workshop & Social” of Blossom Mentorship Program. Mentees and Mentors were meeting in a coffee shop. There were a table of fresh-made food and drinks, setting the atmosphere to be very cozy and relaxing. Walking around, you would see every one of us with a smiley face sitting close to each other, chatting and laughing, like a re-union of old friends. The highlight is that we were to draw pictures showing connections between mentors and mentees. It was a good time for mentors and mentees to foster better relations. Moreover, it provides a good opportunity to get to know more about other members, share creative ideas and generously praise.

Biggest take away from an event, mentorship or any YWiB UBC program you have been involved with.

YWiB members not only assist and support each other but together we help others and give back to the society. In the YWiB Roots Program, as a philanthropy program aims to bring YWiB members together through philanthropic initiatives and events to leave a positive impact on our community, our Roots Ambassadors fundraise and make care packages for the downtown eastside women’s shelter. It makes me think about the fundamental reason of starting a business. Business is not just about transactions and cash flow, it is more about if people doing the business have a heart of caring others and solving others most needs. On the way of finding right or wrong, YWiB has a Blossom Mentorship Program that connect members with industry professionals to have them guide us through struggles and challenges. It allows every Blossom mentee to have a role model, but it also allows them to feel that there is a path and there’s someone who can advise. But indeed, every connection I made through YWiB has been given me a sense of secure, like they will always have my back, no matter what.