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Karim Kassam

Co-Founder of Optima Living Retirement

Karim Kassam is a Co-Founder and Senior Executive at Optima Living Retirement. In his career, he has gained extensive knowledge in all aspects of commercial activities including Sales, Marketing, Product Line Management, Mergers, Acquisitions, and Strategic Business Development. He has worked in various industries such as Clean and Renewable Energy (Fuel Cells), Retail (Casual Dining), and Seniors Living (Independent and Assisted Living and Mental Health).

Karim believes that working hard is as important as foreign key relationships. Every conversation, every meeting, every email and every coffee presents an opportunity. Never burn bridges as you never know who or how the universe will work in your favour.


Christina Stewart

President, Client Affairs at Praxis

Christina Stewart is a Chartered Professional in HR, a HR Generalist, and leading authority on what it takes to build powerful teams and respectful workplaces. Her passion for building Respectful, Diverse and Inclusive workplaces is infused at all levels of HR solutions provided to her clients. She loves being able to help business leaders grow and develop their teams.

Leadership ot her, means the art of treating those around us as individuals and it’s the science of motivation, fairness and structure. She believes leadership is in all of us – no matter the title. It’s the way we are ‘all in’ on a project, or how we support team members with our ideas, resources and our curiosity. Leadership is showing up and serving those around us.

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Faris Khalifeh

Quiet Leadership Coach

Faris Khalifeh will illustrate how you don't have to be loud to be a great leader, and you can be impactful by being soft-spoken, quiet and gentle. This talk is for extroverts as well, as they can gain valuable insight into the introvert's world, allowing them to understand and work more effectively with their introverted colleagues.

Key Takeaways:

✔ Understanding of Quiet Leadership

✔ Quiet leaders traits and strengths

✔ Expose some myths

✔ How to close the communication gap between introverts and extroverts

Grace Lee

Founder & President of Mastery Insights Inc.

Dr. Grace Lee is a self-made entrepreneur, life and business strategist, and keynote speaker traveling the world to share ideas and make a positive impact in the lives of others.

As the founder of Mastery InsightsTM, she has an inspirational story that resonates across cultures around the globe. Her brand is Mastery with one inspired mission: to empower individuals to turn their dreams into achievements in life and in business. She is best known for her uniqueness market posture of extracting ideas from neuroscience research and her cross-culturalexperiences, which she uses to inspire people to embrace authenticity and define their own success.


Brenda Badgero

SFU Career Services

As a Career Advisor at SFU, Brenda Badgero has had 15+ years of experience in coaching and supporting diverse individuals with a positive and successful transition to a meaningful career. She's passionate about encouraging individuals to explore hidden career possibilities, identify their uniqueness, utilize customized work search strategies and build powerful connections for career success.



Dennis Pang

Founder & Managing Director of Popcorn

Meet Dennis, a panelist for the panel Building Your Professional Allies in this year's Beyond conference.

Dennis Pang is the Founder and Managing Director for Popcorn, a digital marketing and PR agency dedicated to helping brands such as Tourism Vancouver and Purdys Chocolate share their stories through content creation.

Natasha Jeshani

Founder of Tafa Consulting

Natasha Jeshani is the owner of Tafa Consulting, a Human Resources and Recruitment Consulting Firm in Vancouver. She is also the author of The HR Insider; a workbook that contains insights, tools and the general application guidelines to navigate all the stages of the job search, selection, offer and onboarding processes.

TAFA Consulting Corp started as a side hustle, and is now Natasha's full time 3rd baby and passion project, catering to companies that require any type of strategic or operational HR and Recruitment Support. Natasha and her team are focused on doing good work with good people and being a true value add for organizations of any size.

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Ruby Ng

Executive Director of The Disability Foundation

Ruby is the Executive Director of the Disability Foundation, which supports six affiliated Societies that deliver adapted outdoor recreational and creative activities, provide to access information and social engagement and more.

In hand with her passion for helping others, she has extensive marketing and communications experience in the non-profit, corporate, and government/public sectors.


Mark Leung

Senior Legal Counsel at BBTV

Mark is the Senior Legal Counsel at BroadbandTV by day, comic book nerd by night, and all around leader in both his workplace and community.

Mark believes that leadership means making sure your actions speak louder than your words and demonstrates this by always be willing to serve those around him. At the conference, he’s going to be sharing his insights on how to build your own community of professional allies.

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Kelsey Jorssen

Director of Jorssen Media

Kelsey Jorssen is a Social Media Instructor at Blanche World and the Director of Jorssen Media - a digital marketing company devoted to helping business owners grow their brand through custom tailored solutions.

As someone who is inquisitive and curious by nature, Kelsey enjoys working with companies who makes a positive impact and is energised whenever she has the opportunity to meet rad people. She has interviewed and have collabrated with a number of people and brands, all of which can be checked out on her website