Women in Tech: A Panel Discussion

Women in Tech: A Panel Discussion

In this panel, our goal is to provide insights on the realities of workplace cultures within the Tech industry; including workplace practices, barriers to entry, current challenges, and successes in the field. In addition on longevity in Tech, we also want to focus on both getting more women in tech, as well as keeping them there.

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28 March

Meet our Panelist: Francis Li

Conversations around inclusiveness in the workplace for women and minorities…

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26 March

Meet our Sponsors: Ingram Micro

In tech, publishing a diversity report is becoming a standard…

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24 March

Meet our Panelist : Helen Mitres

Few people make diversity in the workplace (and beyond) one…

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22 March

Meet our Panelist : Heather Haslam

In lieu of our Women in Tech event coming up…

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03 March

League of Extraordinary Young Women: Caitlin Bryant

Caitlin is an ambitious young woman making a name for…

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08 February

League of Extraordinary Young Women: Gisela Cardenas

We’re back with the first League of Extraordinary Women of…

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