Mission & Vision


Young Women in Business is a community for emerging female leaders and young professionals who want to create their own success.

We believe every women and young professional stepping into the workforce or growing in their career should be well equipped with the proper set of tools and knowledge to reach their fullest personal and professional potential.

We provide young women and professionals with events, programs and an engaged network of ambitious women, to help them become successful in their careers, take on new challenges and develop skills.



Daniel Sung

Cassidy Paxton


Peter Garcia

Anisha Kalsi

VP Events

Anne Torres

Nagma Dhillon

Events Coordinator

Jean Zhao

Aanchal Badesha

VP Marketing

Terry Sung

Aashi Aman

Marketing Coordinator


Sarah MacDougall

VP Philanthrophy

Laura Smith

Sydney Conway

VP Finance

Elsa Olivos

VP Administration

Erin Graham

VP Member Relations