YWiB SFU VP 2018/2019 Recruitment

Overview |

YWiB SFU is excited to recruit for the 2018/2019 Executive Team! We are looking for individuals who are dynamic and dedicated to helping us continue our success. We invite you to join our team as you experience personal development, professional networking, and leadership development in this growing organization.

Please submit all applications to Incoming President, Gabby Sakowicz, to the following email: gabby.sakowicz@ywib.ca

Final deadline is Sunday, April 8th at 9:00PM.

Note: CandiDATES will be conducted during the week of April 9th

Positions | 

CONNECT Program Manager

SOUL Program Manager

WISE Program Manager

International Women's Day Chair

Vice President of Philanthropy

Vice President of Corporate Relations

Vice President of Media and Design

Vice President of Finance

Vice President of Internal

*click on each role to find out more about it & the application process*


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