Spotlight Member: Ali Cervienka

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Ali Cervienka

Meet Ali Cervienka! If she could have lunch with anyone dead or alive, it would be Justin Trudeau! 

What excites you about being a part of YWiB:

What excites me about being a part of YWiB are the opportunities to meet so many inspiring individuals and continuing to grow as a women in business. Being able to explore my options in the industry through YWiB's events has been an incredible experience and I am excited learn even more about myself and the business world.

Favourite memory of YWiB:

My favourite memory of YWiB was the recent FinLead event. This event was such an encouraging environment to learn more about the world of finance and it opened my eyes to what this specialization has to offer. I had the opportunity to connect with some amazing women and listen to their experiences in the field.

Biggest take away from an event, mentorship or any YWiB UBC program you have been involved with.

My biggest take away from YWiB has been that everyone's career path is unique. Listening to the many speakers and industry professionals at YWiB's events has taught me that there is no straight forward path to success. Every person makes their own choices and has there own experiences that will get them to where they are or where they want to be.