Spotlight Member: Sukhleen Thind

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Sukhleen Thind  

Sukhleen is a second year BCom student! She has jumped off a 160 ft platform over the Cheakamus River in Whistler! 

This is her YWiB experience: 

What excites you about being a part of YWiB:
Being a part of YWiB not only allows me to develop and achieve my own vision of where I want to be in 10 years, but it puts me in a community of women who are genuinely taking time to foster and assist each other in growing and achieving their own visions of success. By surrounding myself with brilliant women with such a powerful goal, just makes me feel like I am apart of something extraordinary. It is not just at YWiB events, this community extends everywhere. Walking down main mall, there are just a few more smiles I can look for in the crowd.

Favourite memory of YWiB:

My favourite memory is from the YWiBxKPMG Case Competition. Mikaela (YWiB Member/Blossom Mentee) and I were participating in our first ever case competition. I was extremely nervous about presenting in front of the judges and so many people I looked up to, but looking out in the crowd and seeing smiles of the entire YWiB Executive team, I was given all the encouragement I needed. Mikaela and I ended up in first place! If it wasn’t for the smiles of the YWiB team in the front row, I am not sure I would have made it through that presentation. They gave me the courage and confidence I needed to excel in that situation.

Biggest take away from an event, mentorship or any YWiB UBC program you have been involved with:

From my mentor, Joanna Li, I have learned that it is okay to not take the “typical route”, there is always another way to achieve your goals, if and only if you try hard enough.