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+ A healthy curiosity to question why, to learn, and to have an open mind


I came across this program at a time when I was changing directions in my career and had endless questions and uncertainties. My match felt like a perfect pairing from the very beginning – whether it’s sharing past learnings and experiences with me or simply chatting over coffee, my mentor always challenges my assumptions and inspires me to expand my comfort zone. This was honestly one of the best choices I made last year for both my career and personal development!
— Rianne Chan


Why Mentorship with YWiB?

Mentorship is an excellent opportunity to kick-start your career and to gain insight into the topics and goals that are most important to you and your growth. YWiB’s Mentorship Program is a mentee-driven program that allows the mentee to cater their interactions and growth to their own career goals.

Tailored to the mentees’ careers and interests, our mentorship coordinators strategically select mentors based on the mentees’ needs and goals to help with both professional and personal development. Based on mentee applications, we seek out those in the Vancouver business community who align most with the mentees’ career aspirations and will help to inspire and guide them in  achieving their goals.


It has helped me envision what I want to get out of the next year, five years and ten years of my career.
— Natalie Chu




You must be graduated from school and currently working. If you're a student, please explore your University YWiB Chapter to see if they have a mentorship program for you.

This program is for anyone who is:

  • Looking for some guidance in personal or professional development

  • Looking for, or experiencing, a career change

  • Someone in the first 5 years of their career

  • Motivated to learn and grow within their careers


Mentors must have:

  • At least 5+ years of industry experience

  • Open minded and willing to share life and work experiences

  • Able to commit to meeting their mentee in person at least once per month for 1 hour

Program Schedule

Mentorship pairings begin in September, and the program kicks off the following January and runs through to May. The topics for each event are tailored to the interests of participants. Full schedule details will be provided to accepted applicants.

We encourage prospective mentees to apply year round, as once your application is reviewed, and if we are able to find you a suitable mentor, we may pair you in the current program.

Our program includes a Launch Party in January where mentee and mentor pairings initially meet and get to know the group. This is followed by a workshop based on the cohort’s interests, and a Wrap Up  event in May where time is taken to reflect on the past  6 months as well as goals achieved, and actionable steps to be taken for the future.

Event Dates:

  • Launch Event - January 9, 2019

  • Workshop - March 6, 2019

  • Wrap Up Event - May 8, 2019

Each pair is required to meet up in person at least once per month to discuss goals, challenges and/or next steps with regard to personal and professional growth as well as attend all 4 events. As each pairing is unique, these discussions will look different for everyone.


I felt validated in my knowledge and experience, and was reminded that I do have things to offer in the world of professional communication and people development.
— Gloria Eid


Program Fees

There is no application fee for the program. Mentee applicants will only be charged once successfully paired with a mentor.


$250 for Non-Members

Including one year YWiB Vancouver membership (valued at $150)

$100 for YWiB Members

Existing memberships expire after one year. Make sure your membership is still valid.


Maximize your potential and discover
yourself through mentorship