Mission & Vision


Young Women in Business is a community for emerging female leaders and young professionals who want to create their own success.

We believe every women and young professional stepping into the workforce or growing in their career should be well equipped with the proper set of tools and knowledge to reach their fullest personal and professional potential.

We provide young women and professionals with events, programs and an engaged network of ambitious women, to help them become successful in their careers, take on new challenges and develop skills.


The Vancouver Team


Kiran Dhinsa


Karen Roberts-min.jpg

Karen Roberts

VP External Relations

Jessika Noda-min.jpg

Jessika Noda

VP Programs


Jasmine Maini

VP Marketing

Daniel Sung

Sasha Rudenko

VP Events

Peter Garcia

Sunny Brar

VP Corporate Relations

Anne Torres

Sarah Dixon

Conference Co-Chair

Jean Zhao

Anisha Parmar

Conference Co-Chair

Terry Sung

Jessie Tsai

HR Coordinator


Gagan Jhand

Events Coordinator

Grace Nobrega-min.JPG

Grace Nobrega

Member Engagment Coordinator


Nicole Ugali

Conference Marketing Coordinator

Carina Rogers

Conference Logistics Coordinator

Hilary Strath

CR Coordinator


Sabrina Miso

Social Media Coordinator

Diana Chang Diana Chang

Diana Chang

Member Benefits Coordinator


Gurleen Pooni

Conference Socia Media Coordinator


Mariana Savka

Conference Logistics Coordinator

Elizabeth The

Events Communication Coordinator


Justine Ayton

Graphics & Marketing Coordinator


Amanda Feng

Mentorship Coordinator


Karen Leung

Conference Logistics Coordinator


Join the team!

We're looking for volunteers

Alica Forneret

Events Coordinator

Jenn Lo-min.jpg

Jennifer Lo

Web Coordinator


Ashley Charach

Newsletter & Marketing Coordinator

Natalia Kozlowski

Conference Speaker Coordinator

Why volunteer with YWiB Vancouver


The YWiB Vancouver Chapter was created as an extension beyond the university chapters, aiming to further assist aspiring young women in their leadership development and career building journey.

YWiB Vancouver is comprised of bright, ambitious and trailblazing young women who are looking to promote female empowerment and leadership development amongst young women in a supportive, community-oriented environment. We support the expressed interests and needs of our team both individually and collectively. We provide our team with the opportunities to become engaged leaders.

Join us today to build a supportive community, discover opportunities for professional development and become a connector of diverse networks of women!

Current volunteer openings

Newsletter Editor
Graphics Design Coordinator
Member Relations Coordinator
Events Coordinator                                                              VP Finance


Don't see an opening that you're interested in, but would still love to be involved? Contact us and tell us how would you like to be a part of YWiB Vancouver!


Join our team & be a part of a network of ambitious women! #YWiBLife #YWiBLove