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CONNECT is a new philanthropy based initiative that utilizes YWiB SFU’s resources to make
an impact in our immediate community. Through workshops, partnerships, and events,
CONNECT will create long lasting relationships between YWiB SFU and community based
non-profit organizations.

Program Objectives |
• Provides a platform for students to create long lasting relationships each other and an overall sense of family within the program.

• Facilitates connections between students and the community through a series of partnerships with like minded non-profit organizations.

• Creates an environment where students can gain and develop leadership and time management skills, as well as gain a passion for philanthropy.



Program Structure

A year long program, YWiB CONNECT will give students the opportunity to explore various organizations focused on giving back to different groups of individuals in the community. The program will launch in September of 2017 and come to an end in April of the following year.

Students will learn to network with a variety of individuals, develop their leadership skills, and ultimately, put the skills the have learned in the classroom to use in the real world. YWiB CONNECT will open the door for students to see the value in philanthropic initiatives and integrate it into their everyday lives or future plans.

Program Schedule

CONNECT Healthy Cooking Workshop (October 24th, 2017)

Craft Café (November 9th, 2017)

CONNECT Volunteer Fair (January 17th, 2018

Climb for the Cause (March 17th, 2017)


What CONNECT means to me, is using the knowledge and resources SFU has given me, to contribute to my community’s development. As students, it is hard to find time to volunteer. CONNECT aims to facilitate relationships between students and non profit organizations.
— Nashmin Namur, Program Manager


Program Fees

Apply to be a YWiB CONNECT member and start building your network of community connections both with peers and inspiring non-profits in the Lower Mainland Area!


$10 CONNECT Gold Card

When you become a CONNECT member you receive a Gold Card that gives you 50-100% off CONNECT and all member events throughout the year!

Not a member?

Got a friend that has you thinking about joining? Tag along and gain an understanding for the program by attending an event at full price! (First priority will be given to YWiB CONNECT Members)


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