Reach, Rise, Redefine.

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YWiB International Women's Day (IWD) Gala features an evening with inspiring speakers from outstanding industries. There will be lots of opportunities to celebrate and network amongst other young professionals and emerging leaders alike.


Last year’s IWD Gala was, in a nutshell, an incredible event. It was a great opportunity to get together with my peers and support the 2017 theme, ‘Be Limitless.’ I remember leaving the gala, fully inspired by the words of the remarkable industry professionals in the room that day who prompted us to chase after the things that are most important to us.
— Melissa Ong, 2017 Gala Attendee


Why Should You Attend?

Learn From the Inspiring Leaders

Celebrate Women's Achievements

Our team has hand picked our keynote speaker and panelists to ensure that they will be able to share their journey and show attendees that there are “Endless Directions” in life.  

Come join the team and other attendees in celebrating how women have fought hardships to become who they are today. When we support one another, amazing things happens.


Build Valuable Connections

The gala will connect attendees with professionals in all industries and connect on a more personal level as they advocate for similar causes, with one of them being women empowerment.

Raise Awareness to Gender Equality

The world has come a long way in regards to gender equality, and many people have even sacrificed their lives advocating for it. Now it is our turn to keep fighting for what we believe so our future generations will live in a world that


The IWD Gala was a night of inspiration and a celebration of successes. It gave me the opportunity to meet and connect with aspiring young leaders as well as learning from successful and independent female innovators. It was inspiring to listen to all the female panelist’ talk about their journeys and how each experience shaped them into becoming who they are; whether they were hardships or victories, they still kept moving forward.
— Eva Ang, 2017 Gala Attendee


Interested to sponsor YWiB IWD Gala 2019?

The annual YWiB IWD Gala is one of many ways you could support our organization, whether as a monetary sponsor, in-kind sponsor, or marketing partner. Join the many who have aligned their brands with empowering emerging female leaders and young professionals.