Mission & Vision


Young Women in Business is a community for emerging female leaders and young professionals who want to create their own success.

We believe every woman and young professional stepping into the workforce or growing in their career should be well equipped with the proper set of tools and knowledge to reach their fullest personal and professional potential.

We provide young women and professionals with events, programs and an engaged network of ambitious women, to help them become successful in their careers, take on new challenges and develop skills.


The 2018/19 YWiB SFU Team

Gabby Sakowicz-4.jpg

Gabby Sakowicz


Pavleen- Philanthropy-2.jpg

Pavleen Badhesa

VP of Philanthropy

Terry Sung

Jaspreet Nijjar

Co-Program Manager of SOUL

Courtney Lust-2.jpg

Courtney Lust

Marketing & Design Coordinator

Harnoon Shergill-2.jpg

Harnoop Shergill

Corporate Relations Coordinator

Jennifer McLean-2.jpg

Jennifer McLean

SPARK Coordinator

Sophie Furey-3.jpg

Sophie Furey

VP of Internal Relations

Peter Garcia

Sydney Van Vliet

Co-VP of Corporate Relations

Laura Smith

Amin Kalair

Co-Program Manager of SOUL

Lauren Wong-2.jpg

Lauren Wong

Marketing & Design Coordinator

Jasmine Buttar-2.jpg

Jasmine Buttar

IWD Coordinator

Selina Ha-2.jpg

Selina Ha

SPARK Coordinator


Sharon Huang

VP of Marketing and Design

Anne Torres

Kate LeBlond

Co-VP of Corporate Relations

Laura Amirpour

Annie Lo

Program Manager of WISE

Leona Yu-3.jpg

Leona Yu

Marketing & Design Coordinator

Rutendo Munatsirei-2.jpg

Rutendo Munatsirei

IWD Coordinator

Janelle Kim-3.jpg

Janelle Kim

WISE Coordinator

Daniel Sung

Rachel Lee

VP of Finance

Jean Zhao

Anna Hethrington

Program Manager of SPARK

Donald Muller

Simrin Purhar

IWD Chair

Ruby Li-2.jpg

Ruby Li

Marketing & Design Coordinator

Selena Chow.jpg

Selena Chow

IWD Coordinator

Savneet Sandhu-2.jpg

Savneet Sandhu

WISE Coordinator