What is the SOUL Mentorship Program?

The SOUL mentorship program provides an interactive learning environment for SFU’s female leaders while focusing on facilitated growth and relationship building within SFU as well as the broader professional community.


One of the things I gained from being a SOUL mentee was a mentor who was kind, generous, likes brunch, incredibly supportive, and not afraid to give me that extra push when I needed it. It’s like having a big sister to turn to for advice, or a friend who is always happy to help you out in any way she can.
— Alice Joel, Past Mentee


What is the WISE Development Program?

WISE stands for Women Investing in Skills and Experience. We aim to provide our members with access to programs that can help develop their tangible skills. WISE seeks to improve the member’s professional development and professional portfolio.


This workshop was something that I had no regrets taking. It taught me skills that I was able to put on my resume and apply to future projects and jobs. WISE also exposed me to industry professionals that I was able to network with and build relationships. With the positive experience I had, I hope to create the same experience I had with the new members.
— Amrita Mohar, Past Mentee & Current WISE Coordinator


What is the CONNECT Program?

The CONNECT program provides a platform for university students to create long lasting relationships each other and an overall sense of family within the program. We aim to create an environment where students can gain and develop leadership and time management skills, as well as gain a passion for philanthropy.


Connect Program is important to me because it provides students with the opportunity to not only connect with community organizations, but to also make an impact for the betterment of their community, develop new skills, and gain new experiences.
— Tola Adetona, CONNECT Coordinator