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+ Build key tangible skills that are trending in the business world


About WISE: Women Investing in Skills and Experience

WISE stands for “Women Investing in Skills and Experiences”, and is a two-semester program within YWiB SFU which aims to provide members with personal development opportunities related to industry trends. Each semester consists of a workshop series for members to develop at least one tangible skill. Members will also be able to expand their personal networks through workshops, socials, and a company office tour.

In the upcoming 2018-2019 year, WISE has revamped its current structure to introduce new aspects into the program. These offerings include an introductory meet and greet session before the start of the workshop series, an increase in the number of workshops offered per semester, as well as the newly added Demo Day which is placed at the very end to give members an opportunity to demonstrate what they have learnt over the course of the workshop series.   

Achieve. Bridge. Elevate. This year, our goal is to help women gain technical competencies, which may otherwise be hard to obtain, through providing them with learning workshops; bridge the path between women and the technology industry and lower the barriers they may face; build professional and personal relationships for members; and enhance member’s skill sets as well as strengthen their self-confidence as a woman in the industry.


For me, the most memorable part of this program was meeting like-minded individuals who wanted to see each other succeed. The amount of support from all the program participants and the YWIB organizers is incredible; they always wish the best for each other and help each other out. I’m very thankful I was able to meet so many wonderful people.The entire experience made me more confident as a woman aspiring to become an entrepreneur.
— Farah Jhumra, Past Mentee


What Does It Take to Be a WISE Member?

Positive Attitude. Having a positive attitude when it comes to learning is very beneficial as it will enhance your productivity, performance and self-confidence. It will also allow you to actively see to learn more about new knowledge and skills. We would love to see our members bring their active and curious minds to our workshops.

Interact Actively. You are encouraged to engage with other members and instructors by asking questions, participating in discussion, and sharing your thoughts. Having great interactions with everyone will contribute to making the workshops more efficient and productive.

Be Open. You will encounter a large number of different ideas that you have never thought of or considered from other workshops attendees and instructors. As a program member It is highly important to be open-minded and to respect diverse ideas and opinions.

Be Prepared. Knowing what is to come and getting your mind thinking about the topics will help you learn and absorb them in an efficient and effective manner throughout the workshops. The more prepared you are for the subject matter, the more you will gain at the end of the workshop.

Be Coachable. Being a member of our program means that you aiming to grow, learn, improve, excel, or peak perform. It is important to have the interest and willingness to learn, the ability to seek out, accept and integrate feedback without being defensive, and finally acknowledging and prepare to demonstrate numerous attempts on creating your design/product.

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Why Should You Apply to WISE?

Networking. During the workshops you may debate issues related to the field, share experiences, and exchange perspectives with our instructors. These relationships can continue into professional connections even after the series of the workshops is over. It will be a great opportunity for you to meet potential recruiter or company representative and build personal and professional relationships.

Renewed Motivation. One great benefit you may gain from our program is new feelings of inspiration during the workshops. You will be motivated to put new knowledge and skills that you have learned into action once again. This can lead to higher productivity and fulfillment of professional or academic goals.

Leading Industry Skills. Our workshops will give you an intensive exposure to topic discussions and activities led by multiple experts. By interacting with them and demonstrating hands on skills, you can leave the workshops with a wider range of new knowledge and skill sets related to industry trends. This will prepare you to become a more well-rounded individual.

Oral Communication. During our workshops you will be able to practice interpersonal skills, such as working together to accomplish tasks, or dealing with conflicting opinions among group members. It will help you become a better listener, present your thoughts or ideas more articulately and be open to others’ points of view.

Valuable Way to Invest in Yourself. Investing in yourself may be the most profitable investment you ever make. By attending our workshops, you will realize that there are still enormous things to learn and that you can get better. It is an investment in yourself, your career or even a future company you may work for.

Affordable Program Fee. In comparison to external institution, we have tried to create a low-cost environment where you can learn new tangible skill sets that you may otherwise not have access to, and achieve personal and professional development. You will be given an opportunity to attend and participate in our Meet & Greet event, 5 learning workshops series focused on leading industry trends, minimum of 2 office tours that will be held at a reputable organization and a Demo Day which will let you demonstrate your new knowledge and skills - all with only the cost of $35 (which is essentially $5-6 per workshop, with snacks included).

Spring 2019 Workshop Details

Feb 23 - Workshop #1: Intro to Coding Basics

Introduction to variables: for loops, if statements, functions, arrays, classes, and using swift playground.

Mar 2 - Workshop #2: Building Basic Views

Build your very own app! Learn about views and how to connect components of your app.

Mar 16 - Workshop #3: Multiple Views

Connecting different views together and introducing navigation.

Mar 23 - Workshop #4: Animation

Add animations to the app to make it more fun and intuitive.

Mar 30 - Workshop #5: Final Touches

Learn how to make the app look sleek - adding different colors, fonts, and styles.

Apr 6 - Demo Day

Members present their projects.

* WISE Spring 2019 curriculum is created in partnership with Anmol Bajaj

Workshop Itinerary

09:45 AM - Registration

10:00 AM - Workshop Session
→ instructors will introduce concepts and help members have a clearer understanding of the information

12:00 AM - Lunch Break

12:30 PM - Interactive Break-Out Sessions
→ practice time for members to try out the newly learnt hands-on skill via an activity or project

03:00 PM - Workshop Session Ends

Workshop Location

SFU Bennett Library | Room 3008

Demo Day Itinerary

09:30 AM - Registration

10:00 AM - OC Opening Remarks

10:10 AM - Mentorship Session - Project Demonstration
→ 5 presentation rooms (5-6 members + 1 instructor) | 5 min presentation + 5 min Q&A

11:15 AM - Lunch Time

12:30 PM - Project Show & Tell
→ each member will have their own booth showcasing their project (people can vote for their favourite)

01:45 PM - Voting Announcement

02:00 PM - Member Certification & Photos

02:15 PM - Women in Tech Panel

03:15 PM - Closing Remarks & Group Photos

03:30 PM - End of Event

Demo Day Location


WISE Sponsors


How to Apply


Fall Workshop Series |

$35 Program Fee

Learn the ins-and-outs of UX/UI Design through our six-part workshop series.

Spring Workshop Series |

$35 Program Fee

Take the skills you learned in the Fall and apply them to IOS Mobile App Development.



Invest in your professional skills
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