League of Extraordinary Young Women: The Better Life Project

Erin & Natasha make up the co-founding team of the Better Life Project. They go into further detail about the project, how it fulfills them, and some advice for young professional women!

Erin is a Graphic Designer with a passion for branding, typography, illustration and, of course, the path to a better life!

Natasha is an enthusiastic educator who has dedicated her life to expediting the growth of high performers through positive psychology.

Describe what/who you're working on/for and why it's important to you

After the success of our first product, the Better Life Planner 2017, we're now working on a Student Success Planner that will launch this summer following a Kickstarter campaign for the planner. Students are at a pivotal point in their growth—mentally, emotionally, socially, etc.—so positive habit formation is key at this stage of their lives. We want to launch a Kickstarter campaign so that we can reach as many students as possible, helping transform the future generations. The job market is more competitive than it's ever been, and we want to give all students access to this tool so they can have a competitive advantage.

How does your role empower you?

Together, our business empowers us by being able to connect with our customers, receive feedback, and design our future products with real people in mind. We are touched, moved and inspired every time we hear how a Better Lifer is transforming through the use of the Better Life Planner 2017 and the Better Life Book Club. 

What advice do you have to other young women looking to get involved in your field of work?

Buy our planner! LOL. In all seriousness, our advice to a young woman looking to enter the world of self-development and goal-setting: have accountability partners and surround yourself with a support system of people who care enough about you to not let


get in the way of achieving your goals.

Who is your biggest role model, why?


Oprah, because Oprah. 


Tony Robbins because he tells people how it is, and while it can come across as brutal honesty, it also comes from a place of genuinely wanting people to transform their lives.

What book do you recommend every young professional should read?

Every book teaches you something, so instead of settling for just one, 

join our book club

and transform with us! Search for the Better Life Book Club on Facebook to see what we've read so far.

If you could go back to your 16 year old self, what would you say?


"Caring for and empowering people will get you much further than any to-do list can take you."


"You have no idea what you're capable of until you take action!"

Why do you think groups like YWiB are important?

Groups like YWiB are important so that women can have access to an empowering support system of other women. It's a foundation of collaboration, inspiration and accountability so that women can be their best selves.

What can our readers do to help you?

Stay tuned for our Kickstarter campaign coming

May 1st

, and back us however you can and share us with your friends and family!





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