As a non-profit organization, Young Women in Business relies on partner support to ensure we can continue to deliver value for our many members. We are grateful for the ongoing support from of our diverse sponsors and community partners, helping us to create impactful, relevant and thoughtful events and programs.

We partner with organizations who embrace diversity and want to become trusted business leaders for our network of members, speakers and mentors and offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities.

Showcase your organization’s leadership and commitment to supporting women's success by becoming a YWiB partner. Partners enjoy enhanced brand perception, increase employee loyalty, and greater awareness of their efforts and initiatives.


Benefits to You

Network and connect

YWiB network represents a niche group of rising young professionals for targeted recruitment. Get access to a diverse group of ambitious, driven, and engaged young women with leadership potential.


Lead the Way

Position your organization as a leading company actively supporting the development of female professionals and woman-identified leaders. Sponsors receive branding and promotion opportunities in digital and social media channels, plus the option to present their products and services to our audience.


Make a Direct Impact

Your support allow us to continue to provide our members with high-caliber programs and events focused on providing value both personally and professionally to the female professional ecosystem. It also helps us to provide them with a platform where they can create long lasting connections, share ideas, and experiences to promote their own growth, and that of the organizations they own, work for, and support.

Lead with your brand

Position your organization as a leader that actively supports the development of female leaders. Sponsors will receive significant corporate branding in web, communications, program, and signage.


Build Long Term Relationships

Young professionals in the modern workforce place a high value on both professional and personal satisfaction in the workplace. We foster a supportive environment that encourages employees to develop personal connections, which can lead higher overall job satisfaction, and increased employee retention rates.


Accelerate your Brand

Enhance your public profile by bringing to the foreground your progressive and supportive brand, while gaining direct access to local, motivated woman-identified leaders from a wide array of industries. Promote your thought leadership, community engagement, services, and solutions to our diverse audience of ambitious young women by receiving featured access of our networking events!

If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor or partner, contact us via email or use the form below:

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Supporters and Community Partners of YWiB Toronto