Mission and Vision


Young Women in Business is a community for emerging female leaders and young professionals who want to create their own success.

We believe every woman and young professional stepping into the workforce or growing in their career should be well equipped with the proper set of tools and knowledge to reach their fullest personal and professional potential.

We provide young women and professionals with events, programs and an engaged network of ambitious women, to help them become successful in their careers, take on new challenges and develop skills.


Meet Our Team


Sandra M. Riano



Shahzeen Jiwani

Human Resources Manager


Aashima Makol

Human Resources Coordinator


Lara El Shawa

VP, Programs & Philanthropy


Nora Cottrill

Content Coordinator


Alishka Cooper

Events Coordinator


Schekina Israel

VP, Marketing & Communications


Ashleigh Hart

Data & Analytics Coordinator


Olivia Cummings

Events Coordinator


Daisy Gao

Programs Manager


Zenia Menezes

Social Media Coordinator

Join Us

YWiB Toronto is comprised of bright, ambitious and trailblazing women who are looking to ignite professional and leadership development opportunities amongst young women. We do this within a supportive, community-oriented environment. Our network acts as the central forum to connect ambitious young women from a variety of careers, industries, and backgrounds.

We support the interests and needs of our diverse team, and provide them with the opportunities to become engaging leaders. Ambitious and dedicated, we craft events and programs allow women to achieve success by providing support, skills and networking opportunities.

Join us today to help us build a supportive community, discover opportunities for professional development, and become a connector of diverse networks of women!

Current available roles

Program Coordinator

Email Coordinator

Social Media Coordinator

Don't see an opening that matches your interests, but would still love to be involved? We’d love to hear from you! Please submit a resume to aashima.makol@ywib.ca  and tell us how -- and why -- would you like to be a part of YWiB Toronto!


Let me tell you about my happy place: YWiB Toronto is my happy place where diversity and inclusion are a reality lived and not a terminology used.
— Lara El Shawa (VP, Programs & Philanthropy)
YWiB Toronto is like family I return to. Everything I do for and with YWiB stems out of a deeper level. I love being part of this wonderful group of women.
— Nicole Figueiredo (Social Media Manager)
Why do I love YWiB? Because by leading YWiB TO, I have had the privilege of serving a community of self-driven, committed, and ambitious women from all walks of life. They are the wind beneath my wings.
— Sandra Riano (President)
YWiB Toronto: A place that I realize how much growth a person can have even on a volunteer basis. A community that encourages women to openly share information and use our voice.  A community that believes every woman and young professional stepping into the workforce or growing in their career should be well equipped with the proper set of tools and knowledge to reach their fullest potential.
— Daisy Gao (Programs Manager)
I am a big believer that everyone should regularly take on a challenge, small or big, to prove to themselves that they are strong and confident. Being a volunteer for YWIB reminds me of all the great women out there that are also not afraid of challenges and big achievements in their lives. I moved to Toronto 3 months ago with one goal, to find a job that I like and am proud of. Challenge accomplished!
— Morgane Adam
I was interested in gaining experience in social media/blogging and I wanted to have my own lifestyle blog one day as a journal of my personal experiences since I love to write...but I didn’t know where to start. I used to tell my boyfriend my dreams all the time, wishing I had more time to pursue them and I think he finally got tired of me dreaming and not doing that he suggested to volunteer my time somewhere. So I was on the hunt to find an opportunity where I could gain experience and be passionate about the company or organization all at the same time. When I found YWiB on Charity Village, I loved what I was reading. It wasn’t just about a posting for social media/blogging but the organization really made me interested. Supporting women in business just seemed so positive. Sometimes we don’t support our fellow woman, we bring each other down rather than lifting each other up. I think it’s very important to come together, work together and support each other.
— Margaret Saliba
I brought YWiB to Toronto to bring together like minded women beginning their careers. Being at the start of my own career, YWiB gave me the opportunity to produce unique events and grow my network to include amazing and accomplished women in the city. As a chapter, the ability to give women an opportunity to expand their skill set and network is the reason I’m here today.”
— Olivia Kitevski (Original Co-Founder)
I was approached in 2015 to bring the YWiB vision to Toronto. As a young entrepreneur and side hustler who had just graduated from University, I was excited to build something new, bring together a community and provide resources for others like me. In University I started a magazine focused on bringing young professionals together and with that no longer in place I wanted something that would fill that void, and YWiB has done just that. I love the collaborative community that we’ve built!
— Victoria Stacey (Original Co-Founder)