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We are less than one week away from our Diversity In the Workplace Panel and can't wait! The networking, the awesome panel lined up, and did we mention beer from Henderson Brewing Co? Henderson Brewing Co, a craft brewery located in the junction was named after Toronto's first brewer Robert Henderson in the 1800s. This brewery is over 9,000 square feet, has a 15,000 hectolitre capacity and is environmental friendly with 80-90% of the steam from the brew kettles recycled! What's unique about Henderson Brewing Co is that the beers brewed are inspired from Toronto's culture and brewery history. Each month a different beer is created to bring a Toronto story to life.

We sat down with Territory Sales Manager, Annie Dingwall and talked about her role and perks at Henderson Brewing Co, and her thoughts and challenges on diversity in the workplace.

What are your responsibilities with Henderson Brewing?

I’m the east end Sales Rep for Henderson Brewing. I work everyday to get our beer into licensees and now LCBOs throughout the city. I’m responsible for new activations and for expanding our brand through new partnerships within the trade. Since we are a small company, I tend to wear many different hats. Depending on the day I can be a keg delivery driver, A/R officer, home brewer, event coordinator or tap room bartender. Essentially, I am an ambassador for our brewery and our brands in every way.

What does it mean to you, to have an employer who supports diversity in the workplace?

It means everything to work for someone who understand and supports workplace equality. I’ve never been treated differently from any of my male colleagues, in fact it has never been a point of discussion. I have felt truly supported and encouraged since day 1 to make decisions and make Henderson my own. I am respected for my experience and given a lot of trust in order to succeed.

What are some setbacks you may have faced in a traditionally male dominated industry?

Especially in the beginning as a new Sales Rep, I was definitely tested and challenged on my knowledge of beer and restaurants by potential customers and industry counterparts. Beer is definitely a male-dominated industry, meaning there is always a bit of an extra hurdle. The key is to persevere through the initial challenges. Remaining confident in your skills will not only prove them wrong, but make a memorable mark.

Why is Henderson Brewing excited to support Young Women in Business?

As a new business, it is essential to have great people. Henderson realized this from the get go. It just so happens that almost half of our team are young women. Henderson made the choice to chose ambitious, driven young women to be a part of our team. We all have different backgrounds and experiences, and bring unique perspectives to the table.

Which is your favourite Henderson beer?

Henderson’s Best. It is our flagship Amber Ale. It’s classic, easy drinking, and pairs so well with food. I spend most of my days talking about our Best, so it helps that it is also my favourite in our portfolio! We just launched it in LCBOs, and it is in bars all across the city. I’m so excited for people across Toronto to be able to try it!

Image from Henderson Brewing Co Facebook

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