Workshop Your Resume: Workplace One

Our next event - Workshop Your Resume is taking place November 8th at Workplace One! Workplace One, listed as one of Toronto's Top 10 shared office space solutions in BlogTO, offers private and shared office space, meeting rooms and virtual office solutions for companies in Toronto and Kitchener. We sat down with Adrian Wong, Workplace One's Director of Leasing/Operations to learn more about his role, how millennials are changing the traditional office space and why so many companies and startups take advantage of the open work space.

1) What is your role and responsibilities at Workplace One?

I am Workplace One’s Director of Leasing/Operations, which ultimately means that I wear a lot of hats. Giving tours to prospective members, managing staff, fixing any technical glitches that may come up, assisting our members with their needs, and generally keeping the business running smoothly and profitable are my key priorities. It’s an exciting role and no two days are alike – one day you could find me answering media questions and giving tours in one location, the next I can be found in the copier room of a different location, fixing a printer or setting up one of our meeting rooms for an event. It certainly keeps me on my toes!

2) What is Workplace One? What solutions does Workplace One offer to professionals?

Workplace One is a shared office facility offering both short- and long-term rentals for a variety of companies. We have four locations – three in Toronto, one in Kitchener-Waterloo. It’s a great option for small companies and independents who are just starting out and can’t commit to a longer-term rent contract, but it’s equally effective for large corporations who have satellite offices for smaller groups. What’s nice about our offerings is that you can grow your business under our roof by expanding or contracting office space as needed, and you have all the professional office services available to you: from an on-site receptionist, to a communal lounge and break-out rooms, to printers/copiers, and beautifully decorated meeting rooms. Each of our locations have been professionally decorated and designed, so if you have any clients or colleagues who are coming to meet with you in the office, they’re sure to be impressed. It gives your business a professional feel without the professional price tag.

Each office comes furnished with desks, chairs, and filing cabinets. Or, you can choose to work in one of our co-working areas or even use a dedicated desk. There are plenty of options that are sure to suit any business type, size, or budget. Workplace One can basically do everything for you and your business, except your work.

3) What kind of professionals come to Workplace One? Is there a certain industry you see more of?

With the exception of our Kitchener-Waterloo office which is predominantly filled with tech companies and startups, there’s a myriad of people and businesses that use Workplace One. We have some large companies with headquarters in the US or Europe who have their satellite Canadian office at Workplace One. We also have independent photographers, graphic designers, lawyers, and insurance brokers using our space. If you walk down any of our hallways you’ll also see recruitment agencies, marketing firms, app developers, event planners, and interior decorators – the list is endless. We even have a masseur in one of our locations who has converted an office into a treatment clinic. It takes all kinds!

4) Do you think millennials are changing the traditional office space for the better?

Millennials are changing the traditional office space on a large scale and we think that’s great. They have done away with the typical 9-5, brick-and-mortar space and are conducting business in a way that works for them. No two people or businesses are alike, and that’s why we’ve been so successful. We allow members to choose the space and situation that works best for them. Since we offer 24/7 access to our members, you’ll find some people in the office at 6 a.m. on a Saturday, while others just stop by for a couple of hours for a weekday meeting.

5) What are advantages of open space work space? 

There are many advantages to using an open workspace. Besides affordability, connection and collaboration are big bonuses that any of our co-working members can attest to. If you’re working on a new project and need some fresh input, you can ask your neighbour who happens to work in an entirely different industry and can bring a new perspective. Or, you need some help in an area in which you’re not proficient, you can almost always find someone who fits the bill. We recently launched a new member directory that’s very useful to our members – if you need someone close by to take care of your graphic or web design, or you’re looking for marketing help to launch your business, or maybe you need a lawyer to review some contracts you’re working on, you can simply log in and find the person or service you need. It also works both ways – you can offer your services to fellow members. You never know who you’re going to meet.

6) Have you seen any businesses start at Workplace One?

Over the years, we have been witness to a lot of companies getting started at Workplace One. They range from small start-ups about to launch, to large companies from overseas that are looking to expand into the Canadian market. It’s great for us to see them grow, and we’re honoured to have a part in that success. Some of these companies get so big they actually outgrow us, and need a building of their own. Though it’s sad to see them go, we’re happy to have helped them along the way to reach a greater level of success. Companies like knixwear, Car2Go, and Famebit have all called Workplace One home. We tip our hats to them.

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