Spotlight: Tangerine

Young Women in Business Toronto is incredibly grateful to have aligned with a sponsor who recognizes our mission. We thank you, Tangerine, for your on-going financial support, encouragement and use of your physical space as a venue for our events.

YWiB provides a central forum to connect ambitious young women from across educational fields, careers, and industries. Tangerine is conscious of the fact that we are a new chapter development and still establishing ourselves as a go to source for recent graduates and professionals looking to network with others. They provide the resources necessary for us to succeed, whether we are pursuing entry-level or higher jobs, or striving to become successful and money-savvy entrepreneurs.

Pictured:  Wealthy Women with Jessica Moorhouse

Pictured: Wealthy Women with Jessica Moorhouse

About Tangerine

Tangerine is a direct bank that delivers simplified everyday banking to Canadians. With over 2 million Clients and close to $38 billion in total assets, we are Canada's leading direct bank. Tangerine offers banking that is flexible and accessible, products and services that are innovative, fair fees, and award-winning Client service. From no-fee daily chequing and high-interest savings accounts, Credit Card, GICs, RSPs, TFSAs, mortgages and mutual funds through its subsidiary, Tangerine Investment Funds Ltd., Tangerine has the everyday banking products Canadians need. With over 1,000 employees in Canada, our presence extends beyond our website and Mobile Banking app to our Café locations, Pop-Up locations, Kiosks and 24/7 Contact Centres. Tangerine was launched as ING DIRECT Canada in 1997. In 2012 it was acquired by Scotiabank, and operates independently as a wholly-owned subsidiary.

Indeed, Tangerine is a continuous partner for young entrepreneurs (female and male) everywhere, thriving to help and make it easier to complete day to day business tasks by:

  • Helping to save anywhere with their mobile banking app
  • Being accessible and easy to approach at their Tangerine cafes, pop-up locations and kiosks where anyone can request financial advice
  • Always thinking forward and giving its clients access to stories, articles and other information on personal finance topics
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In the last full year, YWiB has partnered with Tangerine to host four great events:

  • Networking Meet-Up, Getting in on the Ground Floor, May 2016
  • Panel Discussion, Diversity in the Workplace, October 2016
  • Speaker Engagement, Wealthy Women with Jessica Moorhouse, May 2017

Join us at Tangerine Downtown Toronto Café on Tuesday, October 24 for From Side Hustle to Full Hustle: Entrepreneur Panel. Arrive before 5:30pm on the day of the event if you’re looking to speak to a representative about opening a new bank account!

Pictured:  Diversity in the Workplace

Pictured: Diversity in the Workplace

Written by: Morgane Adam