Introducing Miss YWIB SFU

Welcome to Miss YWiB SFU, a newly established blog that intends to provide updates on YWiB SFU’s latest events and initiatives, professional advice and insights, and other valuable information and resources to the YWiB SFU community.

Who is Miss YWiB SFU, you may ask? She embodies the unique voices and strong opinions of the dynamic, ambitious, inspiring, and encouraging young professional women who make up YWiB SFU! Therefore, Miss YWiB SFU encourages all executives and members to contribute to the blog!

Take advantage of this Miss YWIB SFU platform to present your ideas and insights on what motivates you and what moves you. Read an enlightening piece of literature (i.e., books, articles, blogs) that you think other members would also benefit from? Write a recommendation! Attended an invigorating event, workshop, or conference? Submit a recap! Had a life-changing experience through an internship, exchange, or volunteer opportunity? Tell us all about it! You can even write a blog post on a topic that you are passionate about, such as the importance of social entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and the arts. This is your chance to add to your personal development and enrichment while connecting with other members of the phenomenal YWiB SFU community.

One of the first steps to building your story is by sharing your story!

What would you like to see in Miss YWiB SFU? Post your ideas in the comments!