[IWD 2013] Ish Jhaj and Shooting for Hope

Officially, YWiB stands for Young Women in Business. However, the team at YWiB SFU are proud to say that our B stands for much, much more. With that, we would like to introduce Ish Jhaj, one of our keynote speakers at IWD 2013. Ish Jhaj is the founder of Shooting for Hope, an organization that travels to India to run soccer camps for underprivileged girls. Ish is a SFU Kinesiology graduate, currently pursuing her post-graduate studies and an avid soccer player. For Ish, soccer is much more than a sport; it is a vehicle for bringing people together.

Shooting for Hope has the vision of giving young girls from rural communities a chance to enhance their lives through the beautiful game of soccer. They believe in encouraging young girls to be active in sports from early on, and see the benefits this can bring to their adults. The program aspires to build confidence in young girls and teach them with a little bit of work, you really can achieve your dreams. Learn more about Shooting for Hope here.

You can purchase your tickets for our third annual International Women's Day conference here.

my name  |  Ish Jhaj

my company  |  Shooting for Hope

childhood ambition  |  To use soccer to change my life and others

fondest memory  |  Playing in our back yard with my brothers on our farm, and trying to be a boy

wildest dream  |  To pack up and move to a foreign country and start Shooting for Hope

proudest moment  |  The first day of our soccer camps and seeing how happy the girls were

keeps me up at night  |  A good book and occasionally knitting

perfect day  |  Must have a good cup of coffee, nutritious breakfast, watch the news, solid workout, play soccer outdoors, need a nap, hang out with my family, make dinner, and relax while watching a good movie

favourite quote  |  You must be the change you want to see in the world - Mahatma Gandhi

inspiration | My parents