[Summer 2013] Our Reading List

The school year is finally over, and our team is looking forward to a summer filled with relaxing and recuperating! Oh ,who are we kidding. The outgoing executive team will be busier than ever, career hunting, taking summer classes, and exploring new opportunities. As our parting gift, we compiled this list of our recommended reads for those rare Sunday afternoons by the pool:


Dan Millman – The Journey of A Peaceful Warrior Recommended by Lucia, VP of Philanthropy "I recommend this highly imaginative book because it underlines the principles of kindness and perseverance that I believe are fundamental in all  interactions and relationships. I have been coming back to it years after reading it as I always discover a new valuable life lesson." 

Arlene Dickinson - Persuasian Recommended by Luvania, VP of Events This is a very motivating story of the highly sought after female entrepreneur, Arlene Dickinson. She gives you the insight and know how into how she got to where she is, as a successful business woman and mother. It's a compelling story of how you can use the art of persuasion to basically get whatever you want! 

Marianna Olszewski - Live It, Love It, Earn It Recommended by Rosa, VP of Events Very easy read, but compelling, funny, and inspiring. Not only does the book discusses financial literacy and how to be more investment-savvy - but also talks about work/life balance. Most importantly, it gives methods and strategies for achieving realistic goals and taking time for yourself (and learning how to say no!).

Shakespeare - Twelfth Night Recommended by Kathy, VP of Mentor Relations It's hilarious and laid back and quite easy to follow. Perfect for the summer time. A modernized version of it was made (She's The Man) which starred Amanda Bynes and Channing Tatum.... hilarious pair and one of Channing's first big breaks! Also, I recommend it because it's one of the plays @ Bard on the Beach this summer :) 

Scott Stratten - UnMarketing Recommended by Tia, VP of Mentor Relations It's a no frills kind of book that tells people to stop marketing and start engaging. Super easy read!

Seth Godin - Purple Cow Recommended by Marie, VP of Media and Design An easy read with lots of case studies. It's a good book because it tells you how to stand out from the crowd. You want to be the purple cow! 

Walter Isaacson - Steve Jobs Recommended by Michaela, VP of Public Relations Although neither new or exciting, a really different read for anyone who needs a little bit of inspiration. Jobs was not your typical business man, and this book is a good reminder that there isn't always one right answer.

Rick Warren - The Purpose Driven Life Recommended by Carla, VP of Social Entrepreneurship It's a 40 day daily devotional that focuses on 5 purposes of human life on earth. 

Kelly Armstrong - The Rising Recommended by Nicole, President

Susan Cain - Quiet Recommended by Kathrene, VP of Internal Relations