Cool, Calm and Collected Workshop on Feb 20

ccc2 (1) For our third workshop of the year, YWiB SFU presents a stress management and healthy living workshop designed to help you manage your stress effectively and live your best life.

Featuring three speakers who will each discuss a different aspect of mental health, this evening will also include a couple fun activities (including a stress-management themed DIY!).

Note - This event is business casual

Christine Jamieson - Headshot

Christine Jamieson Founder - Faces of Mental Illness

'Faces of Mental Illness' started in 2012 and has since become an international organization with branches all across the globe. It’s goal is to erase the stigma around mental illness and to create programs to aid in educating those who may one day be affected by it. Christine is also currently Miss Charity Vancouver and Miss Beauty for a Cause Vancouver. She is featured in the following articles:

Kristin Bower - Headshot

Kristin Bower  Talent Consultant - VanCity

Experience with mental health and awareness from a personal and professional standpoint, and also is a strong advocate for mental health and awareness in the workplace. Runs a success blog about the topic, and has been featured in the National Post before with regards to her work (article: “Overcoming the Silent Stigma”


SFU Health & Counselling

Hear from a SFU Health & Counselling representative on opportunities in the health and mental health awareness sectors. In the past, SFU Health & Counselling has spoken at our Holistic Living Workshop and they have worked hard on their Wellness Blog and creating the Hi-FIVE Campaign to empower students to reach their full potential with resilient and healthy minds!