SOUL Meet & Greet 2017

A bit of a refresher, Supporting Our University Leaders (SOUL) Mentorship Program, is an educational program that has been an active part of YWiB SFU since 2009. The program brings together young inspiring Simon Fraser University students to pair them with one business professional.

The Meet & Greet night was SOUL’s first event of the year, and took place at the Mobify office in downtown Vancouver; they were kind enough to host our first event. The night began with mentors and mentees participating in a presentation that outlined the course of the 2017/2018 SOUL program and introduced the SOUL team. The presentation was led by the Program Manager, Gabby Sakowicz. After the presentation, the mentees and mentors engaged in an icebreaker activity led by the Program Coordinator, Jaspreet Nijjar, in which they were able to interact with familiar and new faces.

After the icebreaker activity, it was time for the mentor and mentee meeting period, the pairs engaged in their own individual conversations. Due to busy schedules, a few mentors/mentees were not able to make it to the Meet and Greet, but that doesn’t mean that the singles were forgotten! The YWiB SFU President Cameron Lust was able to lead an engaging decision about tips and tricks when participating in a mentorship program. Shout out to Cam!

Overall, the night was a perfect start to many SOUL events to follow! Stay tuned for our next cocktail making class this November!