5 TED Talks Every Young Professional Should Watch to Feel Confident




Don’t you hate it when “I am not good enough” thoughts pop into your head? I bet you do. You might feel unworthy while applying for your first time job right after university. Or maybe you decided to start your own business but things seem to be going the wrong way. Lack of confidence often becomes an obstacle in achieving ones goals. But don’t give up yet! These 5 TED talks will help you stop doubting yourself and be a leader in your career.



1. Your body language may shape who you are

Body language is an important part of human non-verbal communication. In this popular TED talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy examines the link between our body language and self-esteem. In particular, she looks at how making a certain pose can elevate our confidence levels, when in reality we might actually feel nervous.

2. Why we have too few women leaders

The fact is, today not many women make it to the top C-level jobs in any industry. It is also harder for women to make choices between a job and personal fulfilment. The COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg talks about how women systematically underestimate their abilities and what they can do, as individuals, to be successful in their careers. Likewise, she mentions how important it is to pass on these messages to our friends, daughters, and women’s networks, to make a change.

3. Know your worth, and then ask for it

Having self-respect and understanding your true value, as a professional, is crucial in building a successful career. Pricing consultant Casey Brown claims that we are often underpaid because we can’t clearly define and communicate our worth. Instead, because we don’t believe in ourselves, we are uncomfortable to ask for more. To this, Casey Brown points out that “doubts and fears are natural and normal but they don’t define” our value.


4. Why some of us don't have one true calling

Have you ever been asked what do you want to be when you grow up? You still don’t know the answer? Writer Emilie Wapnick explains that for certain people, which she calls “multipotentialities”, the answer is not a specific job tittle. Instead, they pursue different interests and careers during a lifetime.

And it’s not a bad thing. According to Wapnick, the society needs these people, who have a diverse set of skills and can think outside the box. They are the ones who often come up with unique ideas to solve the world’s most complex problems.


5. Trust your struggle

On the way to our dream career, we can be often overwhelmed with difficulties, doubts and fears. Zain Asher, who is a CNN business correspondent, believes that we should, indeed, trust our struggles because they will lead us to a greater good. In her talk, she discusses things that helped her achieve success and what she learned from other people, who she met while pursuing her dreams.   




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