Amandah Wood, Keynote Speaker - Getting in on the Ground Floor

Amandah Wood, Keynote speaker - Getting in on the Ground Floor

Join us for Getting in on the Ground Floor, Young Women in Business Toronto’s inaugural meetup.

Getting in on the Ground Floor is an exciting networking event for new grads to learn from like-minded women on their path to starting a career.

We’re thrilled to announce Amandah Wood as the keynote speaker at the event. Amandah is the Founder and Editor of Ways We Work, a digital publication disseminating stories and first-hand experiences of people doing the work they love. It explores both the successes as well as the challenges they face.

Ways We Work likes to ask the ‘behind the scenes’ questions to get a real sense of the grit, hustle and organizational skills required to succeed in an individual’s chosen career path.

Amandah will be providing both insightful and inspirational accounts of the numerous women she has interviewed. You will leave with various considerations for your own business or workplace, learning from women who are passionate about their work, to find a workplace that you will not just enjoy, but thrive in.

We enthusiastically welcome all new grads and young professionals interested in making new connections and flexing their networking muscles to check out our event. Come mingle with women of all different educational fields, careers and industries. Walk in with questions and walk away inspired.

“Getting in on the Ground Floor” is being hosted at the Tangerine Downtown Toronto Café, 221 Yonge St. on Wednesday May 25th, 2016 from 6:30-8:30pm. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased here on Eventbrite.