Entrepreneur Keynote: Ashlyn Bird, Co-Founder of BioSensive Technologies Inc.

Ashlyn Bird is the Co-Founder and Vice President BioSensive Technologies Inc., and has a background in Honours Bachelor of Commerce in Business Administration and her Master’s in Business Administration. As a strong, innovative woman in business, her day-to-day responsibilities include managing all marketing, external relations, and communications including events, conferences, social media presence and more. She also manages company strategy, dealing with stakeholders and legal, leading all B2B negotiations. When she’s not dominating the work world, Ashlyn is spending time with her 5 year old son, and sharing her story with other women who are balancing the entrepreneur- single mother lifestyle. In fact, Ashlyn attributes her son as her greatest accomplishment to date, because she believes in being a strong role model for him. She’s a firm believer in taking pride in leading by example, and that there is no greater accomplishment than being really happy with your life and feeling the joy of watching your son grow up into a well-rounded person. Before all of her success with BioSensive, Ashlyn found out she was pregnant during the second year of her undergraduate studies and decided raise him on her own while competing both her degrees and working full time. There were a lot of failures in the work world in the beginning, then a few big successes. What’s important to know is the strength and courage it takes to tackle motherhood and entrepreneurship all on your own and strive to be the best role model for someone who looks up to you. As to what makes Young Women in Business so important to Ashlyn, she says, “I have learned a lot and gained a wealth of experience over the past few years and if any bit of my experience or knowledge can help even one woman out there to keep going and achieve her goals, it is so worth it to me!”