Looking to explore your creative side? Ask Frances Murray!

Give us an overview of your full-time job, and your side project: I am the Manager of Canadian Regulatory Affairs for an Energy Solutions Company. My role, among other things, is to monitor and track energy legislation, build and maintain relationships with energy regulators and external industry participants, as well as provide regulatory guidance to internal business units. I decided to turn my passion for baking into a business three years ago and the journey since has been phenomenal. It's amazing how much you learn about yourself and your capabilities when you launch and start a business of your own. Chez Fran Desserts allows me to give refuge to my creative side. I have fun experimenting with flavours.  I get a thrill out of wowing my clients’ guests with delectable desserts cakes, treats and dessert tables.

In a nutshell, I craft words by day and delicious, mouthwatering desserts by night.

What has been your biggest career success, what about your biggest side project success? 

In my view, success as a corporate employee and an entrepreneur are not that different.  For me, success involves; a) self-worth; understanding that I deserved the new role or deserved the satisfaction that comes with creating something of my own; b) self-confidence; believing that I could succeed at the new role or at my own business; and c) follow-through; actually taking steps to go after that new role or starting my own business. It's one thing to discover the role you want or your passion; it's an entirely different thing to birth it.

Why do you think working with organizations like Young Women in Business is important?

I am cognizant that I am in as much need of someone's shoulders to stand on as a young lady is in need of my shoulders to stand on. I have a desire to encourage young women to dream outlandishly big for the simple reason that we cannot get further than our vision can take us. Therefore, it is incredibly important to give ourselves permission to dream and take action. I am a young female professional with entrepreneurial and corporate experience. I understand that my life experiences are not solely for my benefit. There are others who can be impacted. This is a main reason why I am a huge fan of collaboration which is something I have been doing with a fellow female entrepreneur and owner of Chietopia.  YWiB is a forum that encourages collaboration and sharing of life experiences as tools to connect to and inspire women.  I am grateful for the opportunity to do so.

What do you wish you had told yourself about careers and business, five years ago? 

Stop and smell the roses, get your head out of the weeds, celebrate little victories and happiness is a choice.