Meet our Sponsors: Ingram Micro

In tech, publishing a diversity report is becoming a standard practice. But a diversity report starts with a diversity strategy. When it comes to women in business, celebrating and retaining talent means more than just a seat at the table. We sat down with the team at Ingram Micro to talk about some of their strategies for encouraging women in the workplace. As a sponsor for our Women in Tech: A Panel Discussion event coming up this Thursday, we wanted to get some insight into how Ingram Micro approaches this issue.

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Tell us a bit about Ingram Micro. What kind of products and services do you offer?

As #64 on 2016 Fortune 100, Ingram Micro delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Our deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud, and supply chain solutions enables our business partners to operate efficiently and successfully. End-to-end solutions and distinct market insights allows us to forge forward with decades of strong and dependable partner relationships. With sales in over 160 countries and operations in over 45 countries Ingram helps businesses “Realize the Promise of Technology”. More at

What does it mean to you, to have an employer who supports diversity in the workplace?

“We are trained to find things that are wrong, but we’d be far better off trying to celebrate what’s right.” Lori Scarlett, Director, Human Resources Canada, Ingram Micro Inc. “Empowering women and paving the way to leadership is one of Ingram Micro’s priorities. Each day we strive to support and celebrate women in our organization.”

What kind of engagement and outreach does Ingram Micro make within the GTA community?

Ingram Micro encourages all its associates to participate in volunteer activities. Additionally Ingram Micro aids in United Way collections, events and campaigns.

Why is Ingram Micro excited to support Young Women in Business, and the Women in Tech panel discussion?

Ingram Micro has partnered with IT World Canada since 2011 for the Women in IT Channel event. As well, Ingram Micro Canada recently launched its first inaugural Trust X Alliance (TXA)Canadian Women in IT event to promote unity and inspiration throughout women either just starting off in the field or veterans who need positivity and encouragement to continue to follow their passion, dedication and commitment to work life balance. Ingram Micro believes diversity and integration is a necessity to a great workplace environment and that’s why we are excited to support the Women in Tech event. We are strong. We are motivated. We will be equal.

Check out our Women in Tech: A Panel Discussion on Thursday, March 30th at RED Academy to keep the conversation going. You can buy tickets here