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Any chance I get, I enjoy keeping up with the latest fashion trends with a good fashion magazine. As I peruse, two things come to mind; I wish I could own a beautiful high end  fashion item and what store would have a similar item at a price I can afford. What if you could own a designer item without the hefty price tag? I may have the answer we all have been looking for to solve our fashion woes! I can’t take any of the credit for this amazing find, you will have to thank Maryna and Laura of Eivey. They started an amazing business and I am excited to share their story on how they got where they are and how it’s possible to follow your own dreams of being a Femtrepreneur too.


Tell us about the company?

Eivey is a beautiful, easy and safe solution to buy and sell preowned, luxury fashion from the convenience of your home.

We launched Eivey after realizing that we had many luxury items our own closets that we wanted to sell, but we wanted to avoid the hassle of scheduling meet­ups for each piece with our busy schedules.

This is why Eivey is more than a listings website, it’s a full-service solution for anyone looking to buy or sell pre-owned luxury goods.  Not only do we connect buyers and sellers across Canada, we also facilitate the shipping between buyer and seller while allowing for the same level of communication you’d see on a listings site. 

For example, once a seller has uploaded  their posting, buyers can communicate with them on the platform.  Once they’ve finalized the sale, Eivey provides a pre-paid, pre-addressed, tracked mailing kit to ensure ease and convenience of deliveries.  It’s a really transparent process and the feedback has been really positive!

How did the founders, Maryna and Laura of Eivey start the company? What kind of career backgrounds do they have?

We are close friends and have always been honest with each other about our aspirations and our overflowing closets!. We wanted to create a way to sell our clothes, shoes and bags without meeting the buyer, which is a common process in Laura’s native Germany. We looked for an alternative but found that there were no efficient solutions in Canada that would combine a beautiful shopping experience with an efficient transaction.

We’re both very creative by nature. Maryna has a background in marketing for luxury fashion and hospitality having worked with both Holt Renfrew and the Fairmont Hotels.  Laura is a freelance art director who specialized in brand development and editorial design for various industries.  Our skills really complement each other and have contributed to the success of Eivey.

What has been the most rewarding part of having a business so far?

The support we have received from our Eivey members has been really rewarding, not to mention the family, friends and members of our networks that continually believe in our company.. Launching a business really does take a village and we’re so grateful for the help and encouragement we’ve received so far.

What advice can you give to women out there who want to start their own business?

Be passionate about what you are doing

As you start to build your business, you’ll need to sell your concept to everyone from customers to suppliers and vendors. Be prepared to talk passionately and concisely with a range of audiences, you never know where a network connection will come from. You will also need to invest your free time into growing your business so it needs to be something that you truly love and want to immerse yourself in wholeheartedly.

Do what you know or are excited to know

Our business heavily relies on our combined experience from fashion, branding, design and marketing. Outsourcing and hiring professionals can be expensive, so relying on yourself means you should have experience in the field you are going into. Undoubtedly, there are gaps we have to fill and a few skills you can learn on the go, but we run 80% of it on our own. For the suppliers and vendors that are outsourced, ensure that you are confident in them and that they identify with your business objectives and brand message. You’ll find these people through your network, so get building.

There’s no place to hide!

For the longest time we thought we could hide behind our brand and let it do the talking. However, transparency is becoming more important and people want to know about the people behind the business. Exposing ourselves was our challenge we overcame and we’re now more open than ever with the Eivey community. Small businesses will constantly test your boundaries so be ready to walk right into situations you might have otherwise tried to avoid, whatever they may be.

We all have that favourite go to accessory or article of clothing that makes an outfit. What is Maryna and Laura’s go to piece before heading out the door?

“Sunglasses are very important to me,” comments Laura.  “They can make you look like  a million dollars with little effort.  Depending on the shape and shade of the sunglasses, they can also change your overall look from elegant chic to super trendy.”

“I barely left the house without a light floral Kimono this Summer,” comments Maryna.  “Layers are perfect for the ever-changing Canadian weather and I  can’t pass up an opportunity to add a little drama and colour to a simple outfit.”

A lot of us experience those interview jitters when preparing for an interview, especially on what we should wear. Can you give our readers some tips on what to wear to look and feel like a billion bucks?

Both of us always get the very nervous before any interview or presentation in our own way so choosing the right outfit is important. We want to look and feel comfortable and confident when making that first impression. Our advice is to think about the environment you’ll be in. Is the company you’re interviewing at corporate or casual? Is your presentation indoors or outdoors? Our go to is pastel and light-coloured pieces that give your body some sort of structure, such as a form­-fitted dress, pants or a blazer. A top tip is to take a photo of yourself in the outfit to ensure it is perfect and that you love how you look in it, photos don’t lie.

Where to find Eivey

If you are interested in purchasing or selling your designer fashion items you can learn more on

A big thank you to Maryna and Laura for sharing Eivey’s story with our YWiB Community. We are always so thrilled to share one’s story with aspiring female entrepreneurs.


Margaret Saliba

Margaret always had a passion for writing and recently accomplished one of her goals to start a lifestyle blog. She is interested in strengthening her knowledge in Digital Marketing, Social Media, and turning her lifelong passion for learning into a career. 

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