Social media Guru turned beauty expert: Ask Anum Rubec!

This September, the Ywib team is excited to announce the launch of The Side Hustle: Panel & Meet up Event. Here's a peak into the life of Anum Rubec, Social Media & Operations Manager at Dx3 Canada. We chatted about her inspiration on becoming a beauty blogger, beauty tips every girl needs to know, and of course, managing projects beyond the 9-5 work life.

What does being a beauty & lifestyle Blogger mean to you?

I've always loved to share my creations and findings with friends and family. If there is a concealer I'm obsessed with, a skirt that can be styled multiple ways, or even a cookie recipe I dreamed up that tastes incredible. I love to share it! That's why I started my blog - to share and inspire others.

Can you tell us a little bit about your side project SummerxSkin and the work that you do?

This summer, I decided to quit working full-time and pursue my blog and social media and communications consultancy instead! I work with Dx3 as my main client, as well as a couple of other smaller-scale brands where I offer them advice on influencer relations and help them with their marketing strategies. I've had my blog, SummerxSkin, for more than four years and I'm slowly working towards turning it into a business, which is SUPER exciting. What started as a passion project and side hustle is turning into a career for me!

How do you maintain successful and productive, outside the 9-5 work life?

When you have your own business or side projects, you can't think of your day as a 9-5 situation anymore. Let your passion drive you! Some days I feel more productive working from 9 AM to 9 PM and that's totally okay. I reward myself by taking time off another day that week or have TV marathons with my husband while we both work or relax. It's great.

What have been some of difficult challenges you've faced while balancing work/side projects?

While I'm fortunate that my husband, my family and friends are supportive, invested in me and help me stay motivated - it also means that my work and life blend into each other a lot. Staying organized is key for me; I plan out what my month, week and day look like so I know what's going on at all times and don't miss out on any key occasions. I try to plug in lunches/dinners with friends as much as possible and take one day each weekend to visit my family, hang out with my niece. My husband and I try to do as much as we can together and have date nights just like any other couple. I'm sure all of this will change majorly when we plan to have children!

Why do you think an organization like Young Women in Business is important for someone looking to expand their network, or build connections with other women?

I always tell people, women need to support other women. These days I see so much negativity on social media and in real life; it makes me sad to think about how one woman will say anything to put another woman down and that is NOT okay. Organizations like Young Women in Business are great because a lot of us are like-minded, driven by our goals and dreams. As we network, we motivate each other to pursue them and assist as much as we can along the way!

Did you have any role models growing up?

Don't laugh - but my all-time role model is a fictional character named Brooke Davis from the show One Tree Hill. She's smart, driven, creates a massive fashion brand from scratch but is kind, down-to-earth and makes time for loved ones. Even though she isn't real, I know there are women out there like this and it's totally achievable! I've also always looked up to my parents: my mom and dad. They've given us, four children, everything in life and worked hard through it all.

Any beauty products/tips you swear by?

ALWAYS take your makeup off before you sleep - no matter what! It's not worth it to risk bad, long-term effects that makeup can have on your skin. If that means keeping your daily night-time routine simple, make that happen. You can always do a deep cleanse every couple of days or few times a week. I swear by all of my MAC lipsticks; I wish I had every shade!