Why You Should Stop Spending to Keep Up with the Joneses


One of the struggles I face as a blogger (*gasp*) is how to constantly come up with new content without breaking the bank. I always want to make sure I am bringing something new and exciting to my audience. In this social media obsessed day and age, it is very easy to look around and see all the things you don't have and feel discouraged. This is something that I don't think anyone is immune to.  When I look at some of my favorite bloggers, Rochelle JohnsonGabi Gregg, and Anna Obrien it is easy to get a case of the wants. Having said that, I know that I cannot constantly be spending on clothing. It is very easy for a small shopping bug to get you into serious credit card debt. As a blogger, I have to budget for apparel like I would a business expense. So when I get the itch for something new but it is not in the budget, I turn to my closet and see what old pieces I can revamp to make feel new again. (You may remember the skirt from this post.) In this post, I am going to share five steps on how you can do the same.

5) Look at the new trends for the season and see what you are inspired by. For me, I am really loving the tapestry inspired looks and pearls. I have been seeing pearls as embellishments on shoes, apparel, and handbags. I like that both would add elements of sheen and texture to my outfits. Think about the trends you like and make sure they are things that are going to work with your overall look. It defeats the purpose if you have to buy another item just to wear whatever piece you revamp. What trends are you noticing for fall?

4) Go to your closet and look for an item that you may have once loved, but are not getting a lot of wear out of. Have you worn the item in the last four months? Could the styling of this piece work with the new trend? Is the piece very simple in its styling? Pearls are an easy trend to incorporate in an outfit; you can sew them on by hand. I scavenged mine from an old bracelet I no longer wear. The same less is more policy can work for the tapestry/embroidery look. A needle and thread will cost way less than a new skirt.

3) Develop a game plan for how to alter your forgotten favorite. For this skirt, I knew I wanted it to have a fuller body and that I wanted it to be shorter. This was simple to fix by cutting off a few inches and sewing on additional layers of tulle. I also wanted to have pearls thrown throughout the skirt in a random pattern. For this, I got a thicker thread to hand stitch the pearls on. The happenstance placement would allow the pearls to catch light throughout the skirt. 

2) Gather the supplies needed to transform your piece. For me, it was extra tulle, pearls, thread, and a pair of scissors. Be sure to check around your home for things that can be reused. Walmart and craft stores are great to load up in supplies for future projects. The point of this entire project is to make it high fashion, but keep it low budget.

1) Alter your piece. There are a ton of tutorials on YouTube if you need help. I have been blessed that my mom taught me to sew at a young age. I started by creating two tulle ruffles and sewing them onto the elastic waistband. Once I saw how long the layers were, I shortened and hemmed the original skirt to match. The pearls were hand stitched on to finish off my project. I now have a one of kind piece that not only fulfills my need for something new, but acts as a creative outlet as well.

Tank: Donna Karan
Skirt: formerly Gap
Booties: Gianni Bini, via Dillard's
Jacket: Elvi
Necklace: Creative, South on Main
Earrings: Aldo. Clutch: Aryn

Photo Credit: J. Vige

Chelsea Madkins is a shoe buyer for Dillard’s department store. On the side she runs the fashion blog, Obsessions of a Fashion Nerd. It is her goal to help women feel not only more comfortable, but more confidence in and empowered by what clothing they wear.
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