[Find Your Passion] Jenny's Experience

One of our dedicated members, Jenny Wong, participated in the two-day Find Your Passion workshop in November. Here is a personal account on her experience:

Around mid-November, I attended the first of two-day series Find Your Passion workshop presented by two-time TEDx speaker and founder of Passion Foundation, Loretta Cella. On both days, I gained something precious: a new perspective. I was introduced to angel cards that not only provided guidance but also excitement. At first, I thought my two cards, expansiveness and snake woman, contradicted each other as the former suggests more is better while the latter suggests less is more. But, with some afterthought, I came to see them as complementary to one another. The former suggests that I have more options than I know of right now in regards to doing fun yet continuously challenging work that I love post-graduation - with awesome people, no less - while the latter suggests shedding old layers of skin by saying no to the endless array of available opportunities and creating boundaries as I gradually resume taking 100% responsibility for my success.

At the end of the workshop, Loretta encouraged all of us to create a community engagement project which can range anywhere from a blog post to a YouTube video or even something offline. I’m super excited to see what projects come to life (fueled from passion!) in about six months.

The two perspectives I walked away with from this workshop are gold and applicable to many and for that, I am filled with gratitude. I’m also grateful for the YWiB girls I got to know and become accountability partners with for our personal goals going forward – whether at future YWiB events or through social media.

- Jenny