SOUL Mentor: Jaz Poole

Happy Friday! Today, we are featuring one of our SOUL Mentors, Jaz Poole. Read on to get to know a little more about Jaz.  

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Name | Jaz Poole

How did you hear about YWiB | I was referred to YWiB by the SFU Alumni team when I first ran for a seat on the SFU Alumni Board of Directors in 2014

Why did you join | I wanted to join in order to engage with my alumni and further strengthen my community leadership ventures. I enjoy the fact that my shared knowledge can help a new grad out in a competitive job environment and help empower young women to be more confident as they enter the workforce for the first time.

How has being a mentor impacted you | It has allowed me to connect both with my peers and has introduced me to my mentee, Suki Niu. I’ve strengthened my alumni bond and have I’m proud that my experience and insight has made a difference in a young woman’s career.

Childhood ambition | My parents knew I would be in a leadership role based on the fact that I am the eldest child and naturally quite bossy (just ask my younger siblings!). I always wanted to be a leader of some sort (ex. Teacher). I’m fortunate that my career path has led me to manage a large project and team.

Fondest memory | Has to be getting married to my husband on a whim in the south of France – a sunny day trip to St. Tropez to pick up Ladurée macaroons (our wedding “cake”) followed by a sunset ceremony on a beach in Cannes with a bottle of bubbly.

Wildest dream | A nice long wine-touring trip to taste across the vineyards of Italy, or France, or Spain (I’m not too picky :P)

Proudest moment | This would definitely be completing my four year degree at SFU in 2006. It was great to finally cross the stage and hold my B.A. in hand with my friends and family looking on with pride

Biggest challenge |

Learning to maintain work-life balance between work commitments, schooling (CGA-CPA, and MBA), volunteering, and family. It’s so easy to stay constantly connected that it becomes a challenge to “disconnect” keeps me up at night | I never sleep! :P I enjoy staying busy and active so it becomes hard to disconnect as there are only so many hours in a day.

How I give back | I enjoy volunteering with various charitable organizations and of course giving back to the SFU Alumni community. By staying engaged with the campus I feel I am strengthening the bonds between current and past students and helping foster a greater sense of community on the mountain.

Perfect day | Simple: sunshine, patio, a good bottle of champagne, and even better company to share it with.

First job | I started working right away in the wonderful world of retail! However, my first foray into my career was working as a Junior Accountant at Enigma Interconnect, a manufacturing company close to SFU Burnaby Campus (just off the mountain). I’m glad I got paired with my mentee who is also a Jr. Accountant as we are on a similar career path so I’m glad my past experience is so useful for her.

Inspiration | I have been blessed with such strong female role models; from my mother, to my sister, to my colleagues and friends. I am honoured to work side-by-side with such wonderful mentors.